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Removing clover in the bed - tips for prevention and control

Removing clover in the bed - tips for prevention and control

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A four-leaf clover brings luck - clover in the bed only trouble. Because many gardeners don't want to find clover there. You can get rid of him with these tips.

Clover in the flower bed

Clover can not only be very stubborn on a green area, but also in beds. In itself, clover looks very pretty, especially lucky clover, but it can quickly form a large carpet and cover the floor almost completely. This may be desirable when starting with Klee, but otherwise it is quite annoying. After all, it is very tedious and time-consuming to remove the plants again and again.

As with everything else in life, you just have to know how to help yourself. With one or the other trick you can prevent clover from spreading in the bed from the start (reading tip: remove clover in the lawn - 2 tips).

Prevent clover in the bed

➤ Tip 1 - Lay out weed fleece:

If you create a new bed, you should think about prevention, both for clover and other weeds. It is best to lay out a weed fleece in the beds. This is the best way to rest from weeds.

➤ Tip 2 - Apply bark mulch:

An alternative would be to apply a layer of bark mulch. This can also contain the clover and other weeds.

The best solution would of course be a combination of weed fleece and bark mulch, as this will save you a lot of work in the future.

Fight clover in the bed

➤ Tip 3 - weeding regularly:

Getting rid of the clover permanently is difficult because it is both a root and a seed weed that spreads easily and quickly. If you want to control the clover with manual measures, you should do this in summer, before the seeds are formed. Simply gently loosen the soil with a digging fork and pull the plants out of the ground. It is important that you catch the clover together with the root.

With this control method, you will have rest from the weeds for at least some time. However, it won't be long before the clover reappears. However, if you weed the clover regularly, you will be able to keep it in check quite well in this way.

➤ Tip 4 - Lay out the bottom film:

Manual removal is only advisable if a relatively small area is covered with clover. With large areas, the effort would be far too great and you would be constantly busy. So if the beds are large, you have to think about another solution.

One option is to cover the bed with a translucent base film, which you have to stretch over the bed for a period of four weeks (avoid the plants). As a result, the clover hardly gets any more oxygen and slowly shrinks.

Chemistry is not a solution

Many believe that in stubborn cases only the chemical club helps. They then resort to weed killers, which are said to completely eradicate the clover. But that is often not the case: even with a weed killer, the clover is not destroyed forever. After a few weeks, the effect wears off, so you have to reapply the agent. However, this is not exactly environmentally friendly. So it is better to lay out a garden fleece when laying the bed or to use a soil film to fight it.