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Creating wellness oases in the garden - 5 tips

Creating wellness oases in the garden - 5 tips

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Nowhere else is it easier to relax than in your own garden. It is therefore advisable to integrate one or the other wellness oasis in the garden.

A garden is also there to relax

A garden is not just there to grow fruit and vegetables and plant flowers. A garden should always be a place of relaxation. If you don't want to create a real wellness garden right away, you should at least integrate some small wellness oases in the garden that invite you to relax.

Personal well-being aspects are the most important prerequisites for the establishment of a wellness oasis. Only then can relaxation from everyday stress be guaranteed. If several people use the garden at the same time, each individual, personal well-being aspect should also be taken into account when planning wellness oases. Below are a few tips for setting up wellness oases in the garden.

Tips for the establishment of wellness oases

➤ Tip 1 - Retreat areas:

Retreat rooms in the garden area are particularly important, as they primarily serve to relax. Sometimes a sufficient privacy screen on the street side or against the immediate neighbor is sufficient. For example in the form of an evergreen hedge, a sun sail or a corresponding fence system.

However, you can also set up additional retreat rooms in the open air by setting up cozy seating areas surrounded by climbing roses, vines or the like or building gazebos and / or pavilions in the garden.


Always make all seating in the green extremely comfortable, for which numerous upholstered furniture, a chic beach chair or even a hammock suspended between two trees are available!

➤ Tip 2 - use natural elements:

Natural elements ensure deep relaxation

Wellness also means using various natural elements of the garden in positive harmony with your own soul. The establishment of a fragrance garden is particularly recommended for this. Furthermore, a variety of water features such as a fountain in the garden pond or a spring stone for an excellent deep relaxation (reading tip: build a spring stone yourself - step by step instructions). But also the use of the Far Eastern Feng Shui teaching with its diverse natural elements can provide relaxation.


When using natural elements, a wide variety of light effects should also have a decisive influence within the planning of wellness oases - such as the effect of sun and shadow and also the design variations with the help of colored lights.

➤ Tip 3 - Feel & Taste:

Tasting is also part of the wellness in the garden

The human needs of feeling and tasting must not be neglected in the subject of “wellness”. It is very pleasant to walk barefoot across a dewy meadow, to feel fine pebbles under your bare feet or to sunbathe on a natural stone.

In the “Taste” section, it is nice to pick fresh fruit from the bushes and trees and eat them straight away. You can add to your own range of fruits in the garden at any time, e.g. by Grow fresh nuts, oranges and tangerines in protected places, especially in the autumn months. (Reading tip: create a snack garden - delicious delicacies not only for children)

Of course, a cozy barbecue in the garden must also be taken into account. The grill sector in particular has developed its own philosophy in recent years, which can be used in a variety of ways, e.g. in the form of a grill, a grill, a grill house, etc. The so-called outdoor kitchens, which can incorporate a completely new wellness aspect into a garden, are also very popular today. (Read tip: Build a garden kitchen yourself - 2 options presented)

➤ Tip 4 - garden decoration:

Beautiful accessories conjure up garden accessories

Wellness can also be celebrated through numerous beautiful sights in the garden, which can be easily arranged with the help of various garden accessories, noble seating furniture groups and outdoor art objects as well as trend-oriented design objects.

Many providers have now specialized in the design of design gardens, which is why a wide range of design ideas can now be researched everywhere. At this point it is advisable to think about setting up a themed garden, e.g. a purely Mediterranean garden or a cottage garden.

➤ Tip 5 - Wellness for the little ones:

Children also need a retreat

Families with children should definitely not forget to set up their own wellness area for the little ones too. This often includes a small swimming pool, a sand playground or a rocking device. Children also love it when they are offered their own retreat in the garden, such as in the form of a tree house.

And by the way: living harmony in the garden between all generations contributes to an effective well-being every day!