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Winter gas gas grill in 30 minutes - 4 quick tips

Winter gas gas grill in 30 minutes - 4 quick tips

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Winter time is table barbecue time. After all, nobody likes to grill and freeze, which is why the gas grill can hibernate. However, only if it was winterized.

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While garden furniture, pond accessories and bicycles find their way into the garden shed or basement in winter, the grill usually stays in its place outdoors. But in spring, when the desire for grilled meat rises again, the disillusionment usually comes: the cold outside has been very hard on him and the wetness has also done the rest. The once so beautiful gas grill with the smooth surface now looks anything but beautiful.

If you have a good grill, I bought my Landmann gas grill truck from web-moebel.de, then it is not advisable to spend the winter outdoors. The wet and cold weather otherwise affects him too much. Keyword rust. And who wants the expensive gas grill to look like it's just ten years old after just one winter?

You don't even have to do much to overwinter your gas grill. If you only take half an hour, you are already through with the topic.

So your gas grill gets through the winter well

➤ Tip 1 - Thoroughly clean the gas grill:

Before you can store your grill, you must first clean it thoroughly. To do this, first take a stainless steel brush and use it to lightly brush off the grillage. In this way, rough residues and a large part of the fat can be removed easily.

You then have two options: Either clean the grillage in a mild soapy water or burn it clean. You can do this by inserting the grillage into your gas grill, closing the lid and then turning the grill up to full heat. The excess fat on the grill grate then burns in and finally falls off on its own. Then brush the grate with a stainless steel brush.

Once the grill grate is clean, all you have to do is clean all removable parts in a mild soapy water and wipe all other parts of the gas grill with a cloth soaked in soapy water. If you do this regularly after grilling, you can effectively prevent burned-in and stubborn dirt.


Sharp cleaners, abrasives or the like are taboo when cleaning a gas grill. This also applies to home remedies. Under certain circumstances, they could be too aggressive and damage the paint.

➤ Tip 2 - Remove and store the gas bottle from the grill:

Now it's about removing the gas bottle from the grill. To be on the safe side, always read the safety instructions on the gas bottle beforehand. After removing the gas bottle, you should then carefully check whether the bottle tap is tightly closed and closed properly. Then you should put a protective cap over the valve so that it is not accidentally opened or damaged.

If the gas bottle is made winterproof so far, you should put it in a protected place outdoors. Yes, you read correctly. You should store the gas bottle outdoors even at sub-zero temperatures. Firstly, you don't mind the minus temperatures and secondly, this is for your protection. If you store the gas bottle in the house and if gas still escapes from the supposedly sealed container, a small spark (e.g. by operating a light switch) is enough to ignite the gas explosively.

➤ Tip 3 - Store the grill dry and protected:

If you have the opportunity, it is best to always store your gas grill (without a gas bottle) in a dry place. The garden house, the cellar and the garage are the most suitable storage locations for this. Then simply put a large bag or a large box over the grill to protect it from moisture.

➤ Tip 4 - store the grill outside:

Are you missing a suitable storage space for the gas grill because you don't have a basement, garage or garden house? This is a small problem because the grill should actually be best stored indoors, but there is also a solution for this. Just get a sufficiently large tarpaulin and your gas grill can hibernate outside. These tarpaulins are made of a robust, water-repellent material and thus protect your grill best from wind and weather. You can get a suitable cover or tarp e.g. to buy online or directly from the manufacturer of your gas grill.

A little hint:

If the grill is already outside in winter anyway, you can of course also heat it up in the cold season and e.g. organize a winter BBQ. You can find practical tips here and in our article Garden Party in Winter - How to make your garden suitable for parties!