Garden pavilion lighting: 4 creative lighting ideas presented

Garden pavilion lighting: 4 creative lighting ideas presented

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Whether for a romantic meal or a celebration - the evening hours in the garden pavilion are difficult to enjoy without enough light. These 4 ideas provide a remedy.

ceiling lights

Spending time in the garden means much more than work. After all, a garden is not just for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs. That may have been the case in the past, but today a garden is much more than an acreage. Nowadays, the garden also serves as a retreat and a place to relax. Just sit and enjoy the beautiful view of the garden - that is relaxation for body, mind and soul.

And even when it is dark, this recovery effect can be achieved. You can achieve this, for example, by skillfully setting a few light accents here and there. And that has two advantages: on the one hand, you can stay in the garden for much longer, and on the other hand, the lighting also creates atmospheric moments. It is not that difficult to set a few lighting accents here and there in the garden. Special areas such as e.g. to illuminate the garden pavilion. But of course there are also a few creative solutions for this.

Ideas for beautiful pavilion lighting

➤ Idea No. 1 - install ceiling / wall lights:

If you are just planning the garden pavilion, you should remember to supply it with electricity when planning. This has the advantage that you can later easily equip it with a ceiling light or with wall lights. Not only is this practical, it also looks really great when, for example, a pendant lamp hangs from the ceiling in a garden pavilion or the sides of the pavilion are illuminated.

However, it is important that you not only look at the design when buying the lamps, but also make sure that they are suitable for outdoor use. You will find a large selection of different outdoor lights e.g. on The great thing: The shop purchases the lamps directly from the manufacturer and can therefore offer them at particularly low prices.

➤ Idea no. 2 - set up lanterns:


If you like it romantic, candles are just the thing for you. And you have many options. So you can e.g. Place lanterns on the table, hang on the ceiling or on the floor. There are no limits to your creativity here. This also applies to the design of the lanterns. You can find 20 inspirations of how they can look like on

If you have children, you should rather use battery-operated candles. So nothing can happen if A candle falls over while raging. By the way: lanterns are always wonderful terrace lighting.


For example, it looks particularly beautiful also a hanging candle holder with lanterns (see example on Such a chandelier not only provides warm light in the pavilion, it can also be easily redecorated depending on the occasion and season.

➤ Idea no.3 - use solar lamps:

solar lamp

If the light from candles is not enough for you, then solar lamps are a good alternative. They charge up during the day and then create atmospheric lighting moments in the dark. These are available (e.g. at both as table lamps, pendant lamps and garden plugs and represent great garden lighting without electricity.

If you put a few solar lights around the pavilion and maybe also hang one or two solar lamps on the ceiling of the pavilion, then this should really be adequately illuminated. At dusk everything starts to glow on its own, making the garden pavilion a real eye-catcher.

➤ Idea no. 4 - hang up fairy lights / light tube:

light string

Fairy lights are not just for the Christmas tree. Even a garden pavilion can be wonderfully illuminated with it. For garden parties, for example, this lighting always works very well. It is entirely up to you which variant you choose. It is only important that you make sure that the light chain is also suitable for outdoor use.


You still have a very simple chain of lights lying around for the outdoor area, but don't want to hang it in your garden pavilion because it's too simple? Then just spice it up. For example with wool or crochet yarn. Instructions for this can be found on