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Christmas magic on the garden pond - 6 stylish ideas for Christmas decoration

Christmas magic on the garden pond - 6 stylish ideas for Christmas decoration

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Just in time for Advent, it sparkles again in many windows and front gardens. But you can also design the garden pond for Christmas without much effort. We have presented you with 6 ideas here.

The garden pond is a place where we can relax in summer and be very close to nature. It is stylishly staged with stylish light objects, so that we can always catch a glimpse in the evening.

The garden pond is often laid out in such a way that it can still be seen from the living room. So it makes sense to make the garden pond as decorative in winter as it is in summer. Especially at Christmas, you can bring the magic to your garden pond with small decorative ideas. (Reading tip: Christmas decoration in the garden - 3 tips) And believe me, the neighbors will go green with envy. Everyone can decorate front gardens and windows. 😉

I would like to introduce you to 6 ideas that can be easily implemented.

Provide Christmas flair at the garden pond

In most cases, the garden pond is not just a pond in which fish swim.

If you have a reasonably green thumb and are quite creative, you will of course also ensure that a stylish ambience is created around the pond as the garden pond alone is. Fountains, popular plants and bushes, sitting areas or decorative figures - it is precisely around this that you can now let your imagination run wild.

✰ Idea 1: Decorate bushes and shrubs with Christmas balls

There is hardly a garden pond where there is not at least one bush or shrub nearby. You can use this to accommodate your Christmas balls. After all, what works for Easter also works for Christmas.

Maybe you shouldn't take the new crystal glass balls, outdoors plastic balls will do the same. These are also available in many different colors and with different patterns.

Simply hang a few balls decoratively on the bush. If you want, you can also attach homemade felt pendants. These can get wet, but this does no further damage to the felt and does not affect the quality.

✰ Idea 2: Decorative elements staged

The garden is full of decorative elements. Whether snowman, Santa Claus or moose - in the dark, however, these are not really effective. With special spotlights you can skillfully stage these decorative figures and enjoy them in the evening from the living room.

Electricity and water are usually not compatible, so I recommend that you order pond lights directly from the specialist store. These lamps have been carefully checked for outdoor use and are also protected against dust and water jets (pay attention to the IP numbers!). So make sure that the cozy Christmas season does not end in fire chaos.

" Tip: In summer you can then use the pond heater to illuminate the fountain or rock fountain.

✰ Idea 3: Set up decorative lighting figures

Instead of illuminating simple decorative figures with spotlights, you can also rely on glowing figures. The trade has a wide range available here. Snowmen, elves, reindeers, Santa Clauses in different designs or even angels and other animals with a Christmas look - the trade knows almost no limits. Anything you like is allowed and fits the rest of the garden decoration.

" Important! Protect sockets and extension cables weatherproof. The increased electricity consumption at Christmas is not uncommon - but you can counteract it. It is advisable to only switch on the lights in the evening and possibly to run them with a timer. This can save at least a few euros.

✰ Idea 4: Decorate the beds with fairy lights

Fairy lights are not only intended for the fir tree in the living room, you can also attach them to beds or small shrubs outdoors. Fairy lights have long been more than just 0815 designs. There are now many different colors and even shapes that provide a cozy flair.

Again, it is important that you protect the associated electrical connectors from the weather.

✰ Idea 5: Make arrangements of fir branches

Almost everyone has an advent wreath on the table. But you can also make a flower arrangement for the garden pond. This one cannot swim, but if it is placed in a certain corner or placed on a bump, it creates a special magic that not everyone has.

This video shows you how to tie and decorate an advent wreath yourself. Instead of the normal candles, you can then use atmospheric LED pillar candles. Some of these can already be switched on and off by remote control. So you don't even have to go out to make out. You can also use small glasses with tea lights - try it out.

✰ Idea 6: floating candles

Floating candles always look very atmospheric on a pond. Since Christmas motifs are rather in short supply, you should do some work yourself. Because you can make floating candles yourself with little effort - with cutters such as stars, fir trees, hearts, falling stars and gingerbread men, this is done in no time.

You need:

  • tealights
  • Christmas cookie cutters from baking
  • Fragrance oil (optional)
  • Crayons for coloring
  • Underlay with aluminum foil

Step 1: melt the wax
First you need to melt the wax to have the desired motifs later. Put boiling water in a saucepan or bowl. Detach the wick from the tealight and place the rest in another bowl. Now you can melt the wax in a water bath.

Step 2: add color and fragrance
So that the candles don't just come out white, you can use wax crayons to color the wax. To do this, simply scrape along the pencil with a knife and pour the falling chips into the wax. If you want (and also want to use the floating candles for indoors), you can also add a little fragrance oil. Christmas scents are cinnamon, orange, baked apple, etc.

Step 3: put wax into shape
Now have a mat ready and lay it out with aluminum foil. Now place the motifs of your choice on them. From baking, everyone certainly has some Christmas shapes at home. Press this a little more firmly onto the base and fill the mold with wax a quarter. Only when this has dried, give up the wick. In the case of floating candles, the wick must never be at the lower end, otherwise it will soak in the water and the candle will not come on later.

Now you can fill the mold completely with wax. Then let it dry well. Now the self-made floating candles are already ready for use.

" My advice: Homemade floating candles are also perfect as a small Christmas present.

You can see with little effort that you can create a real Christmas ambience from a dreary garden pond existence. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money to do something special. Often you have most of the utensils at home anyway. Often the creative ideas are simply missing. I hope I was able to give you food for thought so that you can now enjoy the view of the garden pond at Christmas.