Stacking firewood correctly - this way you ensure sufficient air circulation

Stacking firewood correctly - this way you ensure sufficient air circulation

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If you want to have enough dried firewood in winter, you have to stack it optimally. You will find important tips and 2 decorative stacking ideas here.

When it is getting cooler outside, the beloved fireplace is used again. Year after year, fireplace owners meet in the forest and cut their own firewood - of course, only with prior approval and a chainsaw license. You can find more information on

However, you should not immediately use the freshly cut wood for heating. It's just too wet. Moist wood burns less well and does not give off a high calorific value. Leave the wood for about a year or two, then the wood should have a residual moisture of 15 to 17 percent. If you are not sure, you can also get a wood moisture meter (cheap here at Amazon) and measure the moisture in the wood very quickly.

In order for the wood to dry properly at all, it must be optimally stacked. (Reading tip: storing firewood - tips & ideas)

➼ The right place

If you think that the small room in the basement is a suitable place to dry and store your wood, you are wrong. Of course, the wood there is optimally protected from wind and weather, but wood needs sufficient air circulation to dry and that is only partially guaranteed in the basement.

The ideal place is where the wind can sweep through, but where you can protect the wood from above with a tarpaulin.

➼ Optimal surface

You shouldn't just stack the wood on the lawn or on the ground. A certain level of protection against moisture must also be provided from below so that the wood does not mold. Pallets and boards are best suited as a base here. Many larger construction and landscaping companies have a variety of pallets. Just ask if you could buy some there. The prices are around 10 euros each.

Thanks to the great demand for furniture made from Euro pallets, you can also find suppliers on eBay who sell their pallets for a small coin.

➼ size of the logs

The best way to stack your firewood is when everything is roughly the same size. It also dries faster when the wood is already split. (Reading tip: splitting wood - you should note that).

The easiest way and without great effort is to split the wood with a log splitter. But if you want to train your mukkis a bit and also have the necessary time, you should rather use an ax. The axes of Fiskars are particularly recommended. (different models and sizes cheap at Amazon)

➼ Stack the wood correctly

➔ Step 1: Start with the bottom row and lay one log alongside the others. You do this across the entire width, as is possible for space reasons.

2 Step 2: The second row is stacked as follows: Start again at the beginning and lay the wood across from back to front. This creates a stable scaffold, which does not easily fall over.

However, you can only lay the beginning and the end with these cross pieces. With pieces of wood of the same size, this is sufficient. For stacks of wood that are very wide, you should then lay them across again in the middle to ensure a secure hold. Even with uneven logs, it is important that you rely on a stable framework. It would be annoying if the whole load collapsed among themselves.

" My advice: There are now also special stacking aids that can be adjusted in height and width. These offer a secure hold, especially at the outer edges.

➼ Stack the wood decoratively

Round pile (wood rental)

A round pile not only looks incredibly stylish on a spacious plot, it is also practical. Here you can decoratively store tons of wood.

Here you must first create a waterproof underlay so that no moisture can pull up from the floor. Plastic tarpaulins are best suited here (available in every hardware store). Punch a hole in the foil with an old knife every few centimeters so that the water can drain off and no waterlogging forms.


Make sure that the wood rent tilts slightly inwards. This does not cause it to collapse.

Now lay out not too thick logs in a circle on the tarp along the middle. This will form the outer edge. Now you can work your way up. The resulting cavity is then filled with chopped firewood at the same time.

At a height of about half a meter, you should inspect your building from a distance. Apply a smooth middle layer of boards at this height to give the stack an additional secure hold.

Finally, you should apply a tarpaulin to protect against moisture.

" Tip: You can decorate protruding logs with colorful wind chimes or bird feeders.

Colorful mixed wooden wall

You have not only committed yourself to beech or pine, but collect all the wood for your fireplace? Then you can also build a colorfully mixed wooden wall. To do this, sort your wood on different stacks.

Then think about whether you want to put any patterns or motifs on the wall. Here it can help to prepare a small sketch in advance - ideally as true to scale as possible. Now start creating the individual logs according to the sketch.

It also looks very decorative if you stack a few rows of beech and then a few rows of different branches that have accumulated. Then a few rows of logs follow.

There are no limits to your imagination. Just try something new and enjoy the envious glances of your neighbors after your hard work.