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Prefer lamb's lettuce - step by step instructions

Prefer lamb's lettuce - step by step instructions

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It is fresh, tasty and healthy: lamb's lettuce. Our tip: to start growing earlier, you should prefer it. This guide shows how to do it.

Young corn salad

Many hobby gardeners prefer to prefer plants in the house before they are later used in the garden. This is also possible with lettuce, such as lamb's lettuce. This has the advantage that you can start growing lamb's lettuce much earlier. In addition, there is also an advantage over weeds, which always grow in the bed.

You can prefer the lamb's lettuce either in an interior or in the greenhouse. If you can completely cover the cold frame, a pre-culture is also possible in it. The easiest way is to pull it forward on the windowsill. And we would like to explain to you below exactly how this works.

You need:

  • Lettuce seeds
  • growing pots
  • potting soil


As an alternative to the commercial growing soil, you can also produce your own plant substrate. All you have to do is mix sieved compost with normal garden soil and some sand.

Instructions for growing corn salad

➤ Step 1:

First of all you have to fill the pots with the substrate. Since not every seed will produce a plant, you should add three to five seeds to each pot. It should not be more than five seeds, otherwise the salad will germinate too thick.

You just have to put the seeds on the ground and then press them lightly into the substrate with your fingers. But not too deep!

➤ Step 2:

The germination time is now between 10 and 14 days. During this time, you must make sure that the earth is always evenly moist.

➤ Step 3:

After about four weeks, the seedlings are ready to move outdoors. Until then, the first two pairs of leaves should be formed. However, you may only put the young plants in the garden after the frost phase, i.e. after the ice saints. Simply take the seedlings out of the pot and plant them in the bed.


When planting, make sure that you keep a distance of around 20 centimeters between the individual plants and a row spacing of around 40 centimeters.