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Fighting spider mites on houseplants - 5 effective tips

Fighting spider mites on houseplants - 5 effective tips

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When the heaters are switched on in autumn, it usually doesn't take long and they are there: spider mites. These tips drive the little animals away again.

Spider mites love dry air

Spider mites are typical autumn and winter pests, because if the heating is switched on in the apartments, the humidity drops and the perfect biotope for spider mites is created. So not only we are happy when it is comfortably warm in the apartment, but also the spider mites. They then really go full speed ahead and tamper with the leaves of the houseplants. Sometimes even so extreme that they can hardly survive the attack of the little animals.

When the 0.5 millimeter spider mite makes itself comfortable on the leaves, this is usually recognizable by fine, light speckles on the top of the leaf. These arise because the spider mites prick the leaves with their spiky suction organs and suck them out. In addition, the common spider mite creates fine spun threads on the house plants. So if you discover fine speckles or spider threads on your houseplants, then you should act quickly to repel the spider mites.

Effective tips for fighting spider mites

Tip 1 - shower off plants:

A fairly simple method of controlling spider mites: a proper shower. Simply place the houseplant in the shower or bath and gently shower the leaves from top to bottom. Then you should put a transparent garbage bag over the houseplant and tie it in such a way that no air exchange can take place in the area of ​​the crown. Let it stand like this for a week and water as normal. The extremely high humidity that arises under the garbage bag then ensures that the spider mites all die.

Read why showering houseplants is good in our article Showering houseplants.

Tip 2 - Use water-oil spray:

Another simple remedy for spider mites consists of a mixture of water and rapeseed oil. Simply mix 1 liter of water with 250 milliliters of rapeseed oil and spray the infected plants with it twice a week. The fine oil drops then clog the respiratory openings of the spider mites so that they suffocate in the shortest possible time.

Tip 3 - rub plants with cigarette ash:

Cigarette ash is also said to be a very effective remedy for spider mites, because the nicotine it contains acts like a nerve poison on the small animals. So mix some cigarette ash with water and rub the leaves of the plants with it.

Tip 4 - brew tea and brew leaves:

A brew of onions and garlic helps against spider mite infestation as well as a strong tea made from field horsetail or nettle slurry. As you may know, these are all means that both strengthen the plants and help against pests. No matter which variant you choose: simply wipe the leaves of the plants for a week and the spider mites will disappear.

Tip 5 - Use funds from the trade:

If you want to use the right pesticides, then please use natural ones. We can recommend e.g. the natures pest-free (e.g. available here). It is a ready-to-use spray with rapeseed oil. This can be used to control not only spider mites, but also pests such as scale insects, whiteflies and aphids.