Watering evergreen plants in winter - that's how it's done

Watering evergreen plants in winter - that's how it's done

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When winter is here, the watering can usually stops in the garden shed. But be careful: Evergreen plants also have to be watered every now and then in winter.

Evergreen plants need water even in winter

When winter arrives, many believe that the plants in the garden no longer need to be watered. This may be true for a large part of the plants, but not for evergreen plants. This applies to the evergreen plants in the bed as well as to the evergreen plants in the tub and the evergreen hedge.

When gardeners notice after winter that some of their evergreen plants have not survived the cold season, they usually think that they have frozen to death. But there is another reason behind it much more often: the plants have dried up. Trees such as thuja, yew, boxwood and cherry laurel evaporate water in winter even through their needles or leaves, especially when they are in the sun. However, they do not get water from the frozen ground as a replenishment and so they dry up.

Most evergreen plants have already developed a protective mechanism so that they do not dry out in winter when the sun is too strong. This looks like they roll up their leaves so that the sun has the smallest possible area of ​​attack. Unfortunately, sometimes this protective mechanism is simply not enough. It is therefore important that you water your evergreen plants in winter.

This is how evergreen plants are watered in winter

➤ Water evergreen plants in the bed:

If the soil is slightly thawed, you should supply your evergreen plants with a little water in the bed. But only if it should not freeze in the next few days. Otherwise, watering is useless, because the water would freeze anyway. Always keep a close eye on the weather forecast in winter.

➤ Water evergreen plants in a bucket:

It is best to group evergreen tub plants in one place in your garden. So you can not forget a plant when watering. Most then place their container plants in such a way that they get as much sun as possible. As you have read, this can dry them up. Therefore, you should place your container plants in a shady spot in winter.

On frost-free days it means “water march!”. But do not give the plants too much water, because if they cannot absorb all of the water, it could accumulate in the bucket. If it freezes unexpectedly at night, this waterlogging could destroy both the plant and the tub.