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Garden tools for left-handers - 3 tools presented

Garden tools for left-handers - 3 tools presented

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One would like to think that all garden tools are equally suitable for right and left-handers. But this is not the case. So here are some garden tools specially designed for left-handers.

Secateurs Felco-9 master class

Anyone who is left-handed and has ever wanted to cut something with scissors for right-handed people knows the problem: the cutting simply does not work. And so it is with some garden tools. While right-handed people find it very easy to work in the garden with these, left-handed people have to struggle with it. Annoying, exhausting, annoying.

Of course, this does not apply to all garden tools, because the manufacturers have always endeavored to develop garden tools that right-handed and left-handed people can use equally well. So there are no problems with spades, hedge trimmers, rakes and Co. However, there are some devices that simply cannot use both equally well. These include the secateurs, the ruler and the grass shears. For this reason, corresponding models for left-handers are presented below.

Garden tools especially for left-handers


As with the example with normal scissors, the problem continues into the garden. Because even the conventional garden shears are not suitable for left-handers. You can only work with these scissors with increased effort. The Felco-9 master class secateurs (available here, for example) can help.

The scissors have light, robust and non-slip handles made of forged aluminum and fit very well in the hand. Thanks to the ideal shape of the handles, the angled head and the buffer shock absorbers, fatigue-free working with the Felco-9 master class secateurs is possible without any problems over a long period of time. With these scissors, gardening is also fun as left-handed.


Left-handed ruler

Here's another problem: a ruler always measures from left to right. This means that we place the ruler on the left at the beginning of the position to be measured and then read it off on the left. Left-handed people do exactly the opposite: they read right. Unfortunately, this is not possible with a normal folding rule. So at the end you have to put the ruler on your head and then measure in reverse. Annoying, awkward, annoying.

Whoever will face this problem in the future e.g. want to save on measuring the balcony boxes, we have found the perfect solution for this: a left-handed folding rule (available here, for example). In this model, the scaling runs from right to left, so that left-handers can read the numbers the right way round. So on the right is 0 and on the left 199, because the ruler is 2 meters long. A must-have for all left-handers. Incidentally, the left-handed ruler is made of white lacquered wood. He also has brass springs.

Grass Shears:

VARO grass shears with 360 ° swivel

Yes, it may also be possible to use normal grass shears with your right hand as a left-hander. However, this takes a lot more strength for a left-hander. Annoying, awkward, annoying.

But there is also a solution for this: the VARO grass shears with 360 ° swivel joint (e.g. available here). This means that the cutting edges can easily be turned into different positions. Thus, the secateurs enable you to trim even difficult corners and edges. And that, in turn, is made possible by the hardened blades with wing angle, which are self-sharpening. The handles are ergonomically shaped and padded.

The grass shears are not only designed for cutting lawn edges. You can also use it to cut and thin out small hedges and ground cover plants.