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Protecting plants from snow loads - 4 important tips

Protecting plants from snow loads - 4 important tips

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If the first snow comes, it is necessary to act quickly to protect the garden plants from the snow load. If you don't do this, they could suffer badly.

Tree branches can break through too much snow

When it gets cold outside and winter is approaching, working in the garden is reduced to a minimum. Nevertheless, you should always check that everything is in order and do small things. Even before winter you have to Take measures to prevent your plants from being damaged later by excessive snow loads. But even in winter you have to go through the garden again and again and take some measures so that heavy snow cannot harm your plants.

Plants such as Fruit trees can easily bear their own weight, including the fruit, but if there is a lot of snow, the branches could easily bend down or even break. So never underestimate the weight that snow can reach on a single branch and effectively prevent damage to your plants with the tips below.

4 tips to protect plants from snow load

➤ Tip 1 - sweep snow:

It is usually not necessary to sweep the fallen snow off the trees. Except, it is wet snow that falls in rough quantities. You should always remove this, because if the weight is too high, the branches can break.

Important: Never shake off the snow! This can easily damage the branches!

➤ Tip 2 - tie plants together:

Some plants can quickly be pushed apart by excessive snow loads. This is particularly the case with plants whose branches grow upwards. These include e.g. Juniper, yew and thuja. It is best to tie these plants together loosely with a string. So the plants also have better protection against the cold.

The same also applies to ornamental grasses. You should tie these together in a crest every winter.

➤ Tip 3 - Wrap around the plant crown:

Tree roses and climbing roses in particular need additional protection in winter. The same applies to plants cut to shape, e.g. Boxwood or cypress. With these plants, you should always put a jute sack or a garden fleece protective cover over the crown and then tie them to the trunk. So the snow can slide off easily. Jute sack and garden fleece are so well suited because both protective covers are permeable to water, breathable and translucent.

➤ Tip 4 - build protection:

For plants that are on the house wall and that could be hit and damaged by roof avalanches, you should build snow protection. It is best if you build a slatted frame around the plants in the form of a tent. In the event of a roof avalanche, they are not hit by the snow with full force and damaged.