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Wintering dahlias - This is how it's done

Wintering dahlias - This is how it's done

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Anyone who forgets them in the garden will not enjoy them next year: since dahlias are not frost-resistant, the tubers must be dug out and hibernated.

Dahlias come in countless colors and shapes

They come in a wide variety of shapes and colors: However, if you don't think about your dahlias and don't overwinter them properly, you have to expect that the tubers will not come over the winter and freeze to death (reading tip: care and planting time of dahlias). And that would be a real shame, because dahlias embellish any garden with their flowers. They bloom until the first frost, but then it is time to act quickly and bring the bulbs into the house for the winter.

Instructions for wintering dahlias

➥ Step 1:

Cut the flower stems off your dahlias at ground level as soon as the flowers have withered.

2 Step 2:

Then carefully lift the dahlia bulbs out of the earth with a digging fork and remove them as far as possible. Rinsing under water is also possible. Then let the tubers dry in a warm place for a few days.

3 Step 3:

Now take a wooden box lined with newspaper and fill it with a thin and dry layer of peat and sand. Then place the tubers on top and cover them completely with the peat-sand mixture. Important here: the tubers must not touch each other!

For me, the dahlias hibernate in a moving box in the garage

You then only have to put the box in a dark and cool place (maximum 5 degrees room temperature) and the subject of “hibernating dahlias” is complete.

4 Step 4:

From May you can then plant the tubers again. Either directly in the garden or in pots. In any case, wait for the ice saints! (Reading tip: Drive dahlias - how it's done)