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NEW: The garden tip of the day newsletter

NEW: The garden tip of the day newsletter

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Even though the main season in the garden is almost over in October, I would still like to start a very special service for you: the garden tip of the day!

You can register for it now. The garden tip of the day will then be sent to your email inbox free of charge:

The idea behind the garden tip of the day

In the meantime, over 2,300 garden tips have been published. And new ones are added every day. All of this, however, in a rather loose order.

The garden tip of the day, on the other hand, is tailored to one day or at least a narrow period of the year. On April 5, for example, you will be alerted to which plants you need to sow now or in November which herbs need cold to germinate.

So you get practically a ToDo guide for the whole year!

Thank you for your registration - please note!

Have you requested my daily tip? Thank you! Your email address is now in my “newsletter machine”. So that I can send you a newsletter according to German law, you have to confirm your email address now.

It works like this:

1. Please check your emails now or open your email account.

2. There should be an email in the inbox with the subject “Garden tip of the day - please confirm registration”

3. Open this email and click on the text link it contains to confirm.

You don't have an email in your mailbox?

... then my confirmation email was sorted out by your email provider. But don't worry, my confirmation email is probably in a folder called Spam, Unknown, Unwanted or something like that. Just have a look inside.

You can also tell your email provider that my newsletters are welcome. How this works is very nicely described on this website. Only in my case the desired sender address is: @