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Bury animals in the garden - overview of conditions & requirements

Bury animals in the garden - overview of conditions & requirements

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It is sad and very painful: when the beloved pet leaves, often only grief remains. But what about the funeral? Can animals be buried in the garden?

Pets can become real friends

Life with animals is something very beautiful, because they can enrich everyday life incredibly. Especially for people who are otherwise very lonely, pets can become real friends and companions. But death is part of life and at some point you have to say goodbye to your beloved pet. However, many people want to keep their favorites as close as possible forever. However, an urn burial is not exactly cheap, so most people think about burying the animal on their own property. But is it actually allowed to bury animals in the garden?

Which animals can be buried in the garden?

➤ Small animals:

If you want to bury a small animal in the garden, this is completely unproblematic. There is also nothing special to consider. So if a guinea pig, a rabbit, a hamster or the like is to be buried underground, you do not have to observe any regulations. However, you shouldn't bury the animal right next to the kitchen garden and it is best to put it in a small box before burying it in the ground.

➤ Dogs and cats:

It is also not forbidden for cats and dogs to bury them on their own property. However, you have to comply with certain provisions here, so you should definitely inform yourself sufficiently beforehand. The competent veterinary office is always the first point of contact in this case. Usually you only have to make an informal request for burial for a larger animal.

If the carcass has been cremated and the ashes are in an urn, you can of course lay them on your property without any additional requirements.

Terms and conditions for home burial

In any case, it is important that the animal's cause of death was not a notifiable disease. If the animal was put to sleep by the veterinarian, it must not be buried in the garden, because components of the anesthetic could get into the groundwater.

Another condition is that the property is not within a water protection area. In addition, a distance of at least one to two meters from public paths must be maintained.

You have to dig the grave at least 60 centimeters deep so that no other animals can dig out the carcass again. (Reading tip: grave design in winter - 4 tips)

You must not use a container that rots very slowly. For example, a bed sheet or a wool blanket is recommended, but a large box would also be fine.

Under no circumstances may you simply bury dead animals in the forest. If you are caught doing so, you face very high fines.

Incidentally, the Hanseatic City of Bremen is an exception with regard to house burial: because of the high groundwater level and the dense settlement, no house burial is allowed.