Buy conservatory DIY kit - you should note that

Buy conservatory DIY kit - you should note that

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For everyone who wants to fulfill their dream of a conservatory cost-effectively, we have a great solution here: just get the conservatory as a DIY kit!

Conservatories are also available as self-assembly kits

With a bit of craftsmanship, every garden owner can now build a winter garden himself. In the meantime, do-it-yourself kits are now offered at very low prices in specialist shops, sometimes in the form of a standard model, but sometimes also on request as a specially made special model.

Depending on which variant you choose, it is advisable when buying a winter garden kit to make sure that it was manufactured by a specialist supplier who also provides detailed assembly instructions for the assembly of the same. But in addition to this point, there are of course many other important points that you should pay attention to when buying a winter garden DIY kit.

You should consider this when buying:

➤ Point 1 - choose the right materials / colors:

A hard-wearing wood or aluminum winter garden or a combination of these two robust materials is always ideal for self-assembly, as these can be processed relatively easily. On top of that, they are also offered in all the usual RAL colors. Accordingly, you should also adapt the winter garden to the local conditions (such as the color of the house facade).

➤ Point 2 - plan the winter garden correctly:

Self-assembly kits can now also be planned individually and thus optimally adapt to the needs of individual conservatory builders. This means that the conditions on site can be perfectly harmonized with winter garden construction.

Many suppliers of winter garden DIY kits even provide their customers with a computer planning program for this purpose, in order to enable the craftsman to pre-plan their own winter garden - usually as a 3D version, which can be used to better illustrate the planning. The respective provider then draws up a professional winter garden plan, which in most cases also requires a building permit from the local authorities.


When planning, you should also immediately look at the accessories, e.g. Pay attention to shading, ventilation, etc.!

➤ Point 3 - see assembly instructions:

Reputable suppliers always include a self-assembly kit that is really easy to understand, usually even illustrated, so that assembly can be carried out relatively easily step by step. In advance, however, you should ask the respective manufacturer to inspect such assembly instructions in order to be able to get an accurate picture of the assembly requirements and the necessary tools.


Well-known manufacturers also offer their customers an assembly service via telephone hotline, which can help the customer immediately during assembly if they have any queries. So when purchasing, you should definitely pay attention to this service!

➤ Point 4 - clarify preliminary work:

As soon as the kit has been delivered on site, you can start assembly immediately. Actually, because many kits / conservatories require a certain amount of preparatory work, such as setting up a foundation, isolating the existing house front or the like. That is why it is important to clarify these detailed questions in advance with the conservatory manufacturer and to finish the same before the kit is delivered.

➤ Point 5 - equip the winter garden with accessories:

Finally, you need to equip your conservatory with the appropriate accessories. These include: electronic lighting / shading, air conditioning, ventilation system, heating, sun protection, etc. You should definitely order these individual accessories or equipment from a specialist company if you are unfamiliar with them.