Greenhouse: basic equipment and useful accessories presented

Greenhouse: basic equipment and useful accessories presented

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Without the right equipment, growing plants in the greenhouse is impossible. We therefore tell you what equipment you actually need.

A greenhouse needs a lot of equipment

As soon as you have decided on a greenhouse - no matter what size - you should also equip it with the right or useful accessories. Without light, the right temperature and good humidity, you will not have much success in growing plants. A greenhouse has to meet a number of conditions so that it can also grow fruit and vegetables or grow plants.

Nowadays, greenhouses are often offered in specialist shops with basic accessories such as shelves, thermometers, climbing aids, etc. However, this equipment does not always match the needs of a gardener or part of it is often not absolutely necessary. It is therefore ideal to buy a greenhouse without or with flexible accessories, which you can then buy or use as needed.

That is part of the basic equipment

To avoid the plants in your greenhouse from shrinking due to unfavorable climatic conditions, you or your greenhouse need these basic equipment:

  • heater
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting / shading
  • irrigation

Basic equipment of a greenhouse in detail

➤ Heating:

The specific heaters for greenhouses are divided into electronic fan heaters and forced-air heaters, frost monitors, special greenhouse gas heating systems, paraffin heaters, heating mats, heating cables and the like.

For example, we can recommend the purchase of a fan heater with which you can not only heat but also cool, i.e. which is suitable for summer and winter use. However, you should then pay attention to drip water protection.


Many plants in the greenhouse depend on the right temperature. To monitor this, it makes sense to integrate a thermometer in the greenhouse. Some of them are even offered with a humidity meter. And special earth thermometers are also available for monitoring natural soils in the greenhouse.

➤ Ventilation:

In the “Ventilation” area, you should know that a greenhouse should always be provided with ventilation flaps or louvers to ensure a good climate in the greenhouse. In order to control ventilation easily, you can then integrate automatic and / or mechanical window openers in the greenhouse. In addition, it may be worth considering the purchase of fans, blowers or humidifiers.

➤ Lighting / shading:

With greenhouse lighting you need to know that a distinction is made between general lighting and special plant lighting. While general lighting only spreads light in the greenhouse on dark days and at night, plant lighting is essential for the growth of some plants. Plants need between 12 and 16 hours of sunlight a day for photosynthesis! And since this is not always the case (especially not in winter), the use of so-called true light or growth lamps (for example available here) is recommended. These provide sufficient natural light (a kind of daylight) in the greenhouse, especially in winter, and thereby promote the growth of new plants.

So that the sun does not shine too aggressively on the plants or the greenhouse on sunny days and this does not heat up so much, you should also equip it with a shading system (reading tip: Darken the greenhouse - how it works). For the inside are e.g. Blinds, slats or blackout films are recommended and for outside shading nets.

➤ Irrigation:

The topic of "irrigation" is a little complicated in a greenhouse, because here you have to weigh up some aspects:

  • Should the plants be watered, dusted or only supplied with water in the area of ​​the roots?
  • Would you like to water your plants yourself or should this happen automatically?
  • Should the greenhouse have a water connection or should it be fed from a rain collector connected to the greenhouse?

Only when you have clarified these questions should you start looking for the perfect irrigation system. Consultation with a specialist cannot hurt.

Useful accessories for the greenhouse

The equipment just described was all that should not be missing in a greenhouse. So basically the basic equipment. Of course you can (not have to) expand them with the following accessories:

➜ flexible shelving systems
➜ climbing aids (e.g. climbing aid nets, plant holders, clips)
➜ Weed flooring
➜ Catwalks and bed plates, bed borders
➜ Insect nets (for the entrance area and the window openings)
➜ Glass clips for opening windows and doors
➜ Bed covers, including plant holders and single plant hats
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➜ Multiple electronics plug with drip protection
➜ Insulating films and sealing tapes
➜ Garden fleece for the winter months