Enjoy autumn days in the garden - 4 warming tips

Enjoy autumn days in the garden - 4 warming tips

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When autumn arrives, many are drawn inside. Too bad, because with the right preparation, the autumn days can also be enjoyed in the garden.

Ideal for cold days: a gas patio heater

Most people think that spring is the best time of the year. The flowers are slowly opening their buds, the sun is warming a little and the birds are chirping. But don't you also think that autumn has much more to offer visually? The leaves color and enchant us with the most beautiful colors, the autumn flowers bloom and the sun makes everything appear in a very special shine. Simply wonderful, isn't it?

Most people unfortunately miss this natural spectacle because they think autumn is only gray, grubby and cold. And what do they do accordingly? They twist inside and miss the beauty of autumn. But honestly: the fact that autumn is only gray and dingy is not true. There are so many beautiful sunny days in autumn that invite you to enjoy the wonderful autumn mood in the garden. It is only important that you arm yourself against the cold so that you do not freeze.

4 warming tips for cold autumn days

➤ Tip 1 - Set up the heater:

Radiant heaters are not just for cool summer evenings. They can also be used on fresh autumn days. For example, if you are celebrating a garden party in autumn or just want to enjoy your coffee and cake outdoors. Particularly practical are Gas patio heaters because they offer the following advantages:

  • have an anti-tip device (automatic gas cut-off)
  • Heating output is infinitely adjustable via a control dial
  • can be used anywhere outdoors (no power connection)
  • cheaper than other radiant heaters

Inspired by the many years of experience of the restaurateurs with regard to the equipment for the outside area, gas patio heaters also make the most sense for the garden, especially in the form of mushrooms, since the heat can be used most effectively with this design. There are various models with a heating output of 6 -12 kW or 5 - 13 kW, as well as models with a retractable mast.

➤ Tip 2 - light the fire bowl / basket:

Provides cozy warmth: the fire bowl

If you not only want to enjoy your coffee outdoors, but maybe even want to sit in the garden all afternoon, you can also light the fire bowl or a fire basket. This not only warms you wonderfully - when the fire crackles and blazes, it also gives the whole autumn mood that certain something. You will find a particularly beautiful fire bowl, which you can also use as a barbecue, e.g. on

The great thing about a fire bowl or a fire basket is that you can put it somewhere else in the garden, depending on your mood. If, on the other hand, you want to set up a real little oasis of wellbeing in the garden, you can also create a fireplace in the garden (reading tip: create a fireplace in the garden - 4 creative ideas presented).

➤ Tip 3 - cover with a blanket:

Fleece blankets keep you warm

If you are not sitting by the fire and let the warmth of the crackling flame warm you up, a blanket can also provide plenty of warmth on cold days. Snuggled up in a blanket, you can watch the fall of the beautiful autumn leaves on a deck chair. It is best to use a fleece blanket to warm up, because fleece blankets are not only super soft and easy to care for, they are also particularly warm on cold days. Just take a look at the outdoor spaces of restaurants, cafes and bars. Here you will always see fleece blankets on the chairs. They simply warm best.

Since the fleece blanket or blankets are only intended for the garden, they don't even have to be expensive. You can find beautiful models for a small price e.g. on From plain-colored blankets to blankets with floral patterns, everything is included.

➤ Tip 4 - Prepare a thermos with a hot drink:

Hot drinks are a must

A blanket, fire and warm clothes never let us freeze. But what warms up better than a delicious hot drink? Therefore, the thermos should always be your companion when you are in the garden. You could then enjoy a delicious tea, punch, coffee or cocoa murmured in a blanket and let the warm autumn sun shine on your nose. You can find a few delicious recipes for hot drinks e.g. on

Important: So that your drink does not cool down too quickly, you should not only put it in a thermos, but also use a thermo mug when drinking. The drink will then warm you up from the inside.