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Hammocks for the garden - models & buying tips presented

Hammocks for the garden - models & buying tips presented

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A garden is a place of relaxation. So what shouldn't be missing? Right, a hammock! These tips will help you choose the right model.

There are many different models

Hammocks have always exuded their very special charm in a garden. The very idea of ​​letting your soul dangle between two trees has a very special appeal for many garden owners. Especially since this delightful idea is always based on enjoying a secluded shady spot between two tall trees.

However, modern hammocks no longer need mature trees in the garden, but can be easily set up at any X location using a special tubular frame. Numerous accessories also guarantee the respective user the perfect equipment for their hammock space, such as with chilled king-size pillows, frames with integrated shade dispensers or variable side tables, sewn-in storage pockets for books and the like.

These hammock models are available:

Novel hammocks are now also available in different sizes and different shapes. Here are some models:

➤ Single hammocks:

Available in sizes S, M and L, which primarily affects the width of 100 to 160 centimeters. The standard length is usually 225 centimeters.

➤ Double hammocks:

Their sizes can vary up to XL with a width of up to 180 centimeters. Well suited for the simultaneous use of an adult and a child.

➤ Family hammocks:

Can also be used by two adults at a width of up to 200 centimeters. Furthermore, many of these family hammocks have a much more comfortable length of up to 400 centimeters, which means that several children can use the mat themselves “across” at the same time.

➤ Rod hammocks:

Make it easier to get in and out of the hammock because the fabric is a little tighter. Also available in different sizes.

➤ Travel hammocks:

Can be folded very small and therefore also taken on vacation. In some cases, these models are even offered with a rain roof, so that camping in a hammock could easily be done outdoors.

➤ Hanging caves / hanging chairs:

Are special shapes in different sizes. Hanging caves for children and hanging chairs can also be used as soft swing models.

Tips for buying a hammock

☛ Tip 1 - choose the right fabric:

When choosing the material for a hammock, the most important thing is a weatherproof (possibly even impregnated), light-resistant fabric made of cotton or balloon silk. As an alternative, you can also put on a mesh fabric, but this sometimes suffers from the convenience.

If hammocks are made from high-quality cotton fabrics, they are often even colorfully woven and available at a much cheaper price. At the same time, cotton feels more natural on the skin, while balloon silk is closer to the skin, especially on hot days.

☛ Tip 2 - choose a robust mat frame:

In order to be able to set up a hammock in the garden as flexibly as possible, specialist retailers nowadays offer very elegant mat frames made of steel, stainless steel or wood. Some of these frames are even height adjustable, which ensures more comfortable individuality.

When shopping, you should definitely pay attention to their respective stability and processing, since the frames usually form the heart of a hammock! If you place a hammock on an open lawn, you should always reposition it, especially on warm summer days, so that the lawn does not suffer too much damage. This is exactly why the hammock or the frame should also be very robust so that nothing breaks during constant adjustment.

☛ Tip 3 - choose weatherproof materials:

Furthermore, various nylon or sisal ropes are available for attaching the mats, as well as numerous snap hooks, extension chains, special wall hooks (for the indoor area), springs, etc. For the outdoor area, the accessories should be made of weatherproof material. So, for example, choose stainless steel snap hooks.

☛ Tip 4 - choose the right size:

Would you like to use the hammock alone, or would you like to spend a few nice hours with your partner on it? Or should the whole family even have space on it? So think carefully beforehand about how big the hammock should be. If you buy a model that is too large, you could spend too much money. If you buy a model that is too small, however, the hammock could always be occupied by the other family members. Incidentally, this also applies to the Hollywood swing.