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Garden design with bark mulch - 2 creative ideas presented

Garden design with bark mulch - 2 creative ideas presented

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Whether as a weed suppressor, water storage or habitat for small animals: bark mulch is a real jack of all trades. And even as a decoration it is ideal.

Bark mulch is a real jack of all trades

Bark mulch is now available in specialist shops in a wide variety of mixing ratios and made from different woody plants. As a rule, however, it is mostly a mulch made from spruce bark or from other, local coniferous plants. However, if you dig a little deeper into your pocket, you will also get higher quality mulch made of pine bark.

However, you should take a closer look here. Really high-quality bark mulch can be recognized by the fact that it has a low proportion of wood and that it is mostly pure bark. In the meantime, a RAL quality mark has even been given for this purpose. So keep your eyes open when buying mulch!

2 creative design ideas with bark mulch

❋ Idea No. 1 - Apply different sizes of bark mulch:

Bark mulch is generally available in different grain sizes. Everything from fine to very rough is included. Nevertheless, the rule of thumb applies: the finer the bark mulch turns out, the faster it rots again. The only decisive factor is that the same grain size is always used within a mixture. This has the advantage that a steady state of rotting sets in and the bed optically guarantees a consistently uniform sight.

Nevertheless, you can design your beds very nicely with different sized bark mulch. To do this, you must e.g. just think of a certain shape and then fill it with bark mulch of different sizes (reading tip: apply bark mulch - that's how it's done).

❋ Idea No. 2 - garden design with colored mulch:

In the meantime, colored bark mulch is also often offered in garden centers. The coloring serves exclusively for design purposes. Red, orange and yellow tones are particularly popular. The colored bark mulch is also available in black, blue, green, white and gray. The good thing about it: colored bark mulch usually lasts longer due to its coloring. When buying, however, you should pay attention to which colorants were used so that as little toxins as possible get into the soil.

If you now buy different colored bark mulch, you can also achieve wonderful effects with it. For example by working with shapes again. Or you can give each bed a different color.

Important: lay weed fleece!

Before spreading bark mulch in the garden, you should install a weed or garden fleece. This effectively stops weeding, which then eliminates the annoying weeding. Furthermore, such a garden fleece keeps moisture and warmth wonderful in the soil, which in turn benefits the plants (reading tip: fertilize under bark mulch - 2 options presented).