Weed removal between stone slabs - 6 effective tips

Weed removal between stone slabs - 6 effective tips

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Despite meticulous care, weeds often still spread between stone slabs. Our tips make this disappear quickly.

Weeds are a thorn in the side of many

Grass and moss or weeds in general can hardly be avoided between stone slabs. In itself, that's not too bad, but it can be very annoying on garden paths or on the terrace. Thankfully there are several ways to effectively remove grass and weeds between stone slabs.

So weeds disappear between stone slabs

Tip 1 - use joint scraper:

If the area on which the stone slabs are located is not too large, it is advisable to remove the weeds between the joints as soon as possible by hand. You should either use an old knife or a special weed cutter or joint scraper. It is important that you catch the plants together with the roots so that they do not reappear as quickly.

Tip 2 - use a high pressure cleaner:

Another way to get rid of the weeds between the stone slabs is to use a pressure washer. Use this to clean the joints and then fill them up again with a little sand so that weeds will not get through so quickly in the future.

Tip 3 - use gas burner / weed burner:

If you own a gas burner, you can use it to burn the grass and weeds in the joints. You can then simply remove the remains with a broom. Please be very careful when using the flame thrower (see weed burner) and also pay attention to plants in the area, otherwise they could burn.

Tip 4 - use biological weed killer:

If the manual removal of grass, moss, dandelions etc. is too cumbersome and time-consuming, you can also buy a liquid, biological weed killer from specialist retailers. We recommend, for example, the NEUDORFF Finalsan Concentrate Weed Free Plus (available here). You just have to dilute this weed killer with water according to the information on the packaging and then put it between the stone slabs.

Tip 5 - Use resin-based paving joint mortar:

Weeds continue to sprout. We garden owners simply have to live with that. But you can actually get rid of it permanently between the stone slabs of the garden paths or the terrace. You can get a special resin-based paving joint mortar from the hardware store. Then simply insert this material into the joints between the individual panels. Since it is an elastic grout, no damage can occur in frost and there is no risk of cracks.

Tip 6 - Lay weed fleece:

If you re-lay stone slabs, you can take precautions so that grass and weeds don't stand a chance. To do this, simply buy a special weed fleece or a suitable film at the hardware store and lay it under the panels. Then fill the joints with sand later and you can no longer see the film. This is a very simple and inexpensive method, because such a film costs just a few euros.

Do not use salt as a weed killer!

You can often read the tip that you can also destroy weeds with salt. Many people dissolve road salt in hot water and then pour it over the stone slabs. However, this is not recommended because the salt is absolutely harmful to the environment and is flushed into the ground through the water. So stay away from salt as a weed killer!