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Maintaining a wooden beach chair - 5 value-preserving tips

Maintaining a wooden beach chair - 5 value-preserving tips

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A beach chair is not just something for the beach - it also looks great in the garden. With the right care, you will enjoy it for a long time.

Get holiday flair in the garden

They stand on the North and Baltic Seas and always enchant us with their quaint, cozy charm. But just as the sofa has made it into the garden in recent years, the beach chair has now found its way into the garden (reading tip: beach chair - 9 tips for buying). After all, beach chairs exude holiday flair and who doesn't want to bring them into the garden? On top of that, they are really nice and cozy, so that one or the other can spend a few hours here.

So that you can enjoy your wooden beach chair for a long time, you have to take good care of it (like all other garden furniture). This is the only way you can keep the small North Sea corner in your garden for a long time and enjoy its cosiness and beauty.

Tips for the care of a wooden beach chair

The materials of a beach chair are designed today so that the beach chairs are all very easy to care for. But especially wooden beach chairs need more intensive care compared to other models. Finally, especially with wood, e.g. quickly get cracks due to moisture.

➤ Tip 1 - Protect the beach chair from the weather:

The most important point when caring for a wooden beach chair is protection against the weather. Only if you always protect your beach chair nicely from rain, snow and other weather influences will you enjoy it for a long time. It is therefore recommended that you always cover your beach chair with a protective cover when not in use. These are usually water-repellent and not only protect against the most varied weather conditions, but also against dirt.

For example, we can recommend the beach chair protective cover, which you can find on It is not only easy to attach due to its zip, it also offers better hold thanks to its elastic band at the bottom and is also available in two colors and sizes. The choices are: 132 x 162 x 92 cm and 162 x 162 x 92 cm (WxHxD).


If your beach chair has got wet, let it dry completely before you cover it with the protective cover. Otherwise mold can form.

➤ Tip 2 - Impregnate wooden parts regularly:

To prevent bright spots from appearing on the wood at some point due to intense sunlight and changing weather conditions, you should regularly coat it with a wood protection glaze and thus impregnate it. For example, we can recommend the Xyladecor wood protection glaze 2in1, which you can buy cheap at Here it is not only available in different sizes, but also in many different colors. Here, the right color should actually be for every beach chair.

With a beach chair made of teak, on the other hand, it is not necessary and also not sensible to paint it with a wood protection glaze, because this wood has a high proportion of oil and is therefore best impregnated against weather influences. It only makes sense to apply a little teak oil to the wood from time to time to maintain the gloss and the beautiful appearance of the wood. Otherwise, it could happen that the wood turns a little gray at some point. You can also find such a product at

➤ Tip 3 - impregnate fabrics:

The cotton fabrics used in a beach chair are usually impregnated, lightweight awning fabrics. However, the impregnation may wear off over time. If you notice this, you just need to use an impregnation spray and spray the upholstery with it.

➤ Tip 4 - Clean fabrics:

If the upholstery or fabrics are slightly dirty, it is best to clean them with a mild soapy water. In the case of heavy soiling, however, oxygen-containing cleaning agents such as Vanish Oxi Action are used. You can find out how to use this remedy correctly at The pillowcases can be removed thanks to the zipper, but you can also wash them in the washing machine.

➤ Tip 5 - overwinter the beach chair properly:

Just as you make all other garden furniture winter-proof, you also have to prepare your beach chair for the cold season. In principle, your beach chair can remain outdoors in winter. Then it is best to place it on bricks or a Euro pallet. This is how you ensure that the air can circulate under the protective cover.

On dry days, you should also remove the protective cover from time to time so that any condensation water can dry out and no mold stains form. Even if the protective cover is breathable, you should still remove it from time to time so that the materials are really well ventilated.