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Building a country house wall in the garden - 4 ideas for implementation

Building a country house wall in the garden - 4 ideas for implementation

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Whether elegant, seamless or in gray - a country house wall belongs to a country house like the swimming pool to the outdoor pool. With a few tricks you can even make it a real eye-catcher.

A country house wall can be antique or modern

In the past, country houses were only built by upper-class people who use these rural houses as a residence in the warm season. Many people who live in the city for most of the year still do that today. Others live all year round in a country house surrounded by a large garden.

In such a garden, which exudes cosiness and rural flair, a very important design element should never be missing: the country house garden wall. And precisely for this purpose, specialist country house garden stones are already offered in specialist shops today, which can be easily installed yourself. Even by inexperienced artisans.

Appearance of the country house stones

The so-called country house stones are differently structured building blocks (views fluted on both sides or on one side), with which you can easily add privacy screens and garden partitions (reading tip: Garden room divider: 8 ideas for your garden) with a height of up to three meters let build. From a purely visual point of view, you can even choose between antique and modern country stones. In addition, most country house stones (e.g. limestone, plastic stones, etc.) are also available in different natural colors (gray, red, brown) and in different formats.

How is a country house wall built?

If you are an inexperienced craftsman, it is advisable to use a wall system with seamless gluing. In this system, the stones are connected to each other using a special adhesive that only needs to be mixed with water.

However, many providers also offer their customers a simplified structure with visible joint design. Since this is not that easy, special workshops are sometimes offered for this purpose. If necessary, just ask the provider or inquire whether such workshops are offered elsewhere in your area.

Ideas to implement a country house wall

➤ Idea # 1 - use different sized stones:

If you install different sizes within the masonry, a very natural looking stone wall is created. You can of course also erect this as an inclined stone wall (e.g. on slopes).

➤ Idea No. 2 - redesign existing wall:

Building a country house wall is not difficult and can be done quickly. But what if there is already a wall in the garden? Then you can easily redesign the existing masonry by using country house facing bricks. Of course, this also applies to existing stairs.

➤ Idea no. 3 - build an ecological country house garden wall:

You can also erect an ecological country house garden wall, for example by equipping it with climbing plants (reading tip: plant garden walls - how it works!). Or you can use special bricks that ensure sufficient cavities and niches during construction, in which insects and other small animals can later settle in addition to plants.

➤ Idea no.4 - equip the garden wall with accessories:

After the country house garden wall received more and more approval from the garden owners, numerous accessories are now also available for this. Among other things e.g. Wall arches, with which archways and doors can even be integrated within the garden walls. Or flat stones, which means that you can also use a low garden wall as a seat.

Also available are lighting fixtures, socket devices, integrable storage areas (storage boxes) as well as loudspeakers and much more. Thanks to these accessories, you can use a country house garden wall in a variety of ways - e.g. for example as a border for an outdoor seat.

By the way:

Country house garden stones are not only good for building a wall. With them you can really let off steam in terms of design. For example, they are also very suitable for the erection of raised beds and herb snails (reading tip: planting an herb garden - step by step instructions).