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Fighting snails in the garden - beer helps

Fighting snails in the garden - beer helps

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Snails in the garden are uncomfortable and disgusting. But before you tackle the snails with poison, two tips on how to do it without.

If you refer to the garden, beer is usually only served for barbecuing. But instead of just drinking it, beer is also a wonderful way to get rid of a troublesome snail plague in the garden. Hobby gardeners are often overwhelmed when it comes to taking on small and nasty snails. They eat their way through the vegetable patches and do considerable damage.

Fighting snails - with beer instead of poison

This can be remedied. Buy some snail traps from specialist retailers and fill them with beer. Attracted by the smell, the snails fall into the specially shaped trap and no longer come out. Then the traps are simply emptied and the procedure starts again, if necessary. In this way, entire armies of snails are removed without interfering with the ecology of nature through snail venom.

Collect the snails under the rhubarb leaves

Another solution can be to lay out large rhubarb leaves. They are very large and ensure that the shady floor below does not dry out so quickly. Perfect for snails! This is exactly why they like to get under it. During the day, take up the leaves and conveniently collect the snails under them. But be careful: collect the snails while it is still light, because at night you will be on your way again ...

Schnexagon stops snails without killing them