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Lawnmower buying advice: gasoline or electric?

Lawnmower buying advice: gasoline or electric?

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A lawnmower is essential for every garden owner. But which one is the right one for me? Gasoline or electric? We support you in your purchase decision and state the advantages and disadvantages of both devices.

The lawn grows and grows. If you don't always want to borrow a neighbor's lawn mower, you should quickly get your own. But which one exactly? If you listen to people you know, every second person has a different opinion. One says gasoline and the other electric lawnmower. But which is the right one?

The choice of the perfect mower depends on various criteria. A very important purchase criterion is, for example, the area to be mowed. (Reading tip: Search lawn mower for lawn - our buying advice) And of course the drive is extremely important to achieve long-term optimal results.

We have put together the advantages and disadvantages of electric and petrol lawn mowers for you.


  • 1 electric lawn mower
    • 1.1 ➤ Advantages
    • 1.2 ➤ Disadvantages
  • 2 petrol lawn mowers
    • 2.1 ➤ Advantages
    • 2.2 ➤ Disadvantages
  • 3 advantages and disadvantages: in a nutshell
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Electric lawnmowers

➤ Advantages

A big advantage of electric lawn mowers over petrol lawn mowers is the volume level. Electric mowers work much quieter and are therefore particularly suitable in areas where gardens and houses are close together. So your neighbor will definitely be happy if you choose a quieter device. Especially if you can only mow late at night, the annoyance of the neighbors by an electric mower is greatly reduced. (Reading tip Stiftung Warentest report Noise in the garden: the noisemakers next door)

Another advantage is the low weight of the electric lawn mower, since the motor is a lot lighter than that of a petrol mower. On the other hand, the electrical devices are made of plastic, while lawnmowers are often made of metal and therefore have more weight. A criterion for women in particular that is very decisive. After all, gardening should also be a little fun.

Little care and maintenance
The care and maintenance effort for a lawnmower is also not to be scoffed at. Caring for your lawnmower not only includes regular cleaning, but also that you should winterize your lawnmower every year. Nevertheless, the effort is much less than with a petrol lawn mower. There you have to check the oil level regularly and change the oil.

" Note: Despite low maintenance, worn shaving blades and other wear parts have to be replaced every now and then.

Uniform lawn cut
The cut surfaces on an electric lawn mower are cleaner since the turns of the cut blades are a lot higher. The tips don't look that frayed either. Another advantage is the subsequently growing lawn, which looks much more elegant.

➤ Disadvantages

Disruptive power cable
Probably the biggest disadvantage of an electric lawn mower is the annoying power cable that you always pull behind. This can be very restrictive when mowing. You constantly have to worry about which paths you are running so as not to run over the cable in the worst case.

Power connection and extension cable must be available
With an electric lawn mower, a power connection is of course always necessary. If you only have a limited number of external sockets, you should always have an extension cable ready to increase the range. This is often essential, especially for larger properties.

Wet weather and lawn that is too high
When it has rained or the lawn has grown beyond a certain size, the electric lawn mower quickly reaches its limits. If the lawn is too high, you would have to pull the lawn mower back a bit and start again. This is not only exhausting, it is also not fun in the long run.

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➤ Advantages

Regardless of the electricity
The advantage of a petrol mower is obvious, especially on large plots of land. You are simply independent in terms of power supply. You do not have to pay attention to any cables and can move freely with the mower on the property.

A petrol engine is significantly more powerful than an electric motor. This makes a petrol lawn mower work easier through thick, tall grass without reaching its limits. Even on uneven plots with a slight slope, petrol lawn mowers are the much better companions. This more powerful engine makes the petrol lawn mower one of the most popular lawn mower types.

Mowing easier
Most petrol lawn mowers now have a wheel drive. This means that you do not have to push the mower on your own, but it does it independently. This can be a real relief, especially for very large and heavy devices.

Larger collection basket
If you have to mow the lawn regularly, you know how annoying constant emptying of the basket can be. On the one hand you are constantly interrupted at work and on the other hand you are constantly running back and forth. This cannot be avoided with a petrol lawn mower, but at least it was given a larger collecting basket. This way you can cover longer distances with just one emptying.

" Tip: An alternative would be a mulching mower. Here the clippings remain and fertilize the lawn at the same time. (Reading tip: mulching mower - advantages and usage of the mower in detail)

➤ Disadvantages

No mowing without fuel
Of course, an electric lawn mower also needs its “fuel”, but we just assume that every household has a power connection. But if you shorten the lawn with your petrol lawn mower and then suddenly the petrol is exhausted, then the way to the gas station is preprogrammed.

Higher volume
The volume of a petrol mower can become a real problem, especially in metropolitan areas and allotments. The lawnmower is quite loud due to the engine power and could put a heavy load on your neighbors. In this case, an electric lawn mower is probably the better option.

Greater maintenance needs
In contrast to the electric lawn mower, the petrol mower has a greater need for maintenance. Here you have to check the oil level regularly and change the oil every now and then (instructions here). In addition, the air filter must always be cleaned. Work that you are spared with the electric mower.

Storage space must be available
The size of petrol lawn mowers differs from model to model. There are mowers that are very large and take up a lot of space for storage. This can quickly lead to a space problem on small plots or in gardens.

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Advantages and disadvantages: In a nutshell

Benzinrasenmäher✔ independent when working
✔ high performance
✔ large collecting basket
✔ easy and faster mowing
✘ Fuel needed
✘ increased volume level
✘ higher maintenance effort
✘ requires more space
electric lawnmowers✔ low acquisition value
✔ low maintenance
✔ environmentally friendly
✔ clean cut
✔ light weight
✔ low volume level
✘ Difficulty with too high a lawn
✘ annoying cable
✘ There must be a power connection
✘ Extension cable may be necessary


Which lawn mower you ultimately choose depends mainly on your own needs and the nature of your lawn. Stiftung Warentest took a closer look at some electric lawn mowers and put them through their paces. You can view the test result here for free.

Most of the tested devices and petrol lawn mowers can of course be ordered online. I particularly like the redcoon online shop, because in its garden tools category you can compare individual devices with each other (see picture on the right).
All you have to do is tick under the article “Compare product” and you will then be presented with a table that compares the selected products very clearly. Try out!