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Carrot nutritional values ​​- that's inside

Carrot nutritional values ​​- that's inside

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Rübli, carrot, carrot - the vegetables have many names. But they are all healthy, especially for the eyes. But what else is in the carrot? We'll show you.

Nutritional informationper 100 grams
carbohydrates5 g
Minerals (mg)
Sodium (Na)60
Potassium (K)330
Calcium (Ca)35
Magnesium (Mg)15
Phosphate (P)35
Zinc (Zn)0,3
Beta-carotene (㎍)9800
Vitamin E (mg)0,5
Vitamin B1 (mg)0,07
Vitamin B2 (mg)0,05
Vitamin B6 (mg)0,27
Foal acid (㎍)15
Vitamin C (mg)7