Swimming pond or swimming pool? - An overview of the advantages and disadvantages of both swimming pools

Swimming pond or swimming pool? - An overview of the advantages and disadvantages of both swimming pools

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Swimming pond or swimming pool? - Making the right decision is not easy. After all, both swimming pools have their advantages and disadvantages. An overview of these here.

Swimming pond - idyllic and chemical-free

The question of whether a natural swimming pond or a chic swimming pool should be integrated in your own garden cannot be answered that easily. After all, it depends entirely on your own needs, which variant is ultimately suitable. Of course you also have to like the type of swimming pool. You can only take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of both swimming pool models.

So if you are still undecided which of the two swimming pools should adorn your garden, this list of advantages and disadvantages might help you decide. Pure nature or elegance? You are spoiled for choice.

Swimming pond


✔ Swimming ponds are generally natural - without the addition of chemicals, which in turn benefits people, plants and possibly also the animals living in them.

✔ Furthermore, a swimming pond is always a botanical eye-catcher in the garden (reading tip: planning a swimming pond: pay attention to these points).

✔ And also numerous animals like to look for its proximity, e.g. Dragonflies, butterflies, frogs, etc.

✔ A swimming pond also requires less maintenance than a pool (reading tip: fight algae in the swimming pond - 6 tips).

✔ It also offers numerous design options that appear less sterile than a pool system.

✔ The swimming pond equipment or the swimming pond requirement is also quite manageable.


✖ It is difficult to heat the water, which is why you can use a swimming pond far less than a pool.

✖ A cover and thus a safety lock for small children can hardly be achieved with a swimming pond.

Swimming pool


Swimming pool - noble and heatable

✔ Swimming pools have a constant, germ-free water quality because you can influence them with chemicals at any time.

✔ Pools can also be heated, so you can always achieve a pleasant water temperature.

✔ You can also use a pool with so-called wellness accessories such as Equip massage jets, whirlpool jets, etc.

✔ If you don't like swimming animals, you don't have to worry about them in a pool. Because of the chlorine, you have no chance of survival.

✔ Furthermore, pool systems are much better equipped with safety precautions than swimming ponds.


✖ Long-term studies have shown that you have to maintain a pool more often than a swimming pond.

✖ Furthermore, you have to count on a much higher water consumption, especially since this has to be drained completely every winter.

✖ The maintenance effort for a pool system is usually higher than for a pond.


And, could we help you with our list of advantages and disadvantages in decision making? But don't make a hasty decision! The whole thing must be carefully considered, because once the pool or pond has been created, the decision cannot be undone. So take your time and think about it carefully.