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Winter garden furniture - care and storage tips

Winter garden furniture - care and storage tips

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Wetness and frost have a negative impact on the appearance and durability of garden furniture. Make your furniture winter-proof so that it can shine with a fresh shine even next year.

Garden furniture should be protected from snow and frost

The colorful leaves are slowly falling from the tree, the air is getting cooler and the kids are making chestnuts and acorns - no question of autumn. It won't be long before winter knocks on the door. Little by little there is a lot to do in the garden to make the garden winter-proof. (Reading tip: make the garden winter-proof - small checklist)

In addition to raking leaves and cutting hedges, garden furniture must also find a safe place to survive hibernation without damage. Wooden garden furniture in particular can become unsightly over time if it is left outdoors during the winter months. (Reading tip: Wooden garden furniture - 5 maintenance tips).

Since garden furniture is not a cheap matter, it is advisable to make your garden furniture wind and weatherproof every year so that it does not get damaged.


  • 1 Hibernate garden furniture
    • 1.1 Garden furniture made of plastic
    • 1.2 Wooden garden furniture
    • 1.3 Metal garden furniture
    • 1.4 Garden furniture made of poly rattan

Bring garden furniture to hibernation

A lot of garden furniture is now winter-proof, but after a few years you can literally see the winter outdoors. You don't look as beautiful as before.

Generally applies to all garden furniture:

  • store dry
  • protect against UV radiation
  • provide adequate ventilation
  • store frost-free

With the individual types of material, there are also some things to consider!

Garden furniture made of plastic

Garden furniture made of plastic is much easier to maintain and store than furniture made of wood. It is enough to clean the surface of dirt, spiders and flies with a hand broom or a damp cloth before wintering. Stubborn dirt can be easily removed with a cleaning stone. In contrast to scouring milk, this is not so coarse, so that the surface of your furniture is not attacked. (»Tips and application notes for the cleaning stone)

" Note: A cleaning stone not only removes unruly dirt, but also gives the furniture its radiant shine.

After a short maintenance and sufficient drying time, you can put the tables and chairs in the basement or in a storage room. Additional covering is not absolutely necessary.

✘ Attention: Do not store plastic furniture outdoors in winter, as the cold creates cracks in which dirt collects.

Garden furniture made of wood

Wooden garden furniture looks impressive and exudes a lot of charm. So that the charm is retained, the furniture needs an extra dose of care. There are also some things to consider when storing.

Wood reacts very sensitively to the different weather conditions. Too much moisture and cold make the wood unsightly. Even mold quickly spreads to wooden garden furniture.

Cleaning and maintenance of wooden garden furniture

Before you store your garden furniture, you should coat it with a protective glaze or a special oil. This impregnates the furniture and makes it more elastic. In order for the coating to work optimally, the wooden furniture should be cleaned thoroughly beforehand. Simple warm water or special cleaners, which you can find in drugstores or well-stocked hardware stores, are suitable for this.

In the meantime, the wooden garden furniture often consists of high quality teak or eucalyptus. These contain a lot of oil and leave little or no moisture in the wood. To do this, you have to coat this garden furniture up to three times a year with a special teak oil or hardwood oil, so that these advantages are retained permanently.

»Tips for cleaning teak furniture

Storage of wooden garden furniture


Breathable covers for:

  • tables and chairs
  • Hollywood swings
  • beach chairs
  • parasols
  • also made to measure on request!

Even if moisture cannot penetrate garden furniture made of high-quality wood, you should never leave these pieces of furniture unprotected in winter. It is important that you cover them with special protective films. When buying, be sure to pay attention to quality. With cheap dicounter products, condensation often forms under the hoods, which attacks the wood.

Furniture made of soft softwood should be stored in a room. This furniture is fragile and easily damaged if it is exposed to moisture and strong temperature fluctuations. It is also important that the storage room is not too warm and dry to avoid cracks in the wood.

Garden furniture made of metal

Metal garden furniture is very easy to handle when it comes to maintenance and storage. When cleaning, however, you should make sure that the paint does not crack. In the long term, such small cracks are often the culprits for rust spots.

As long as the pieces of furniture have no cracks or chipped spots, you can safely leave them outside. You don't necessarily have to cover them additionally. The same also applies to furniture made of aluminum and stainless steel. If there are small cracks, you should definitely repair them before winter and store the furniture indoors if necessary.

Garden rattan furniture

The garden furniture made of poly rattan is very popular because of its easy maintenance and, of course, the visual appearance. (»Care instructions for poly rattan) Even when storing in winter you don't need to worry too much about the furniture. The plastic braid does not absorb moisture and can therefore survive a winter outdoors without consequences. But if you have enough space or storage options, you can of course store the furniture.

" Tip: If you store your polyrattan furniture in the shade in winter, you will extend the life of the furniture. Too much UV radiation damages the material over time. A tarpaulin can also help here.

Garden furniture should be maintained regularly, especially before winter. If you adhere to the correct storage, you can get the furniture out of hibernation without damage in spring. Unfortunately, not all furniture has a lifespan, even if you have looked after it. If you are looking for new garden furniture, you should take a closer look at the OBI consultant brochure. Here you will find the different types of materials and their advantages optimally presented. These tips will help you find your new garden furniture very quickly.