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Attaching the privacy screen to the balcony - 8 variants presented

Attaching the privacy screen to the balcony - 8 variants presented

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Whether monochrome or with a pattern - if you want to protect yourself from prying eyes on the balcony, you need a privacy screen. Here 8 model variants are presented.

Plants can also serve as a screen

Not everyone has their own garden, where they can spend their free time and enjoy the sun in spring and summer. But a balcony can also be a great place to relax if you are undisturbed there. Especially in the cities, the houses are usually close together, so that you are not safe from the neighbors' eyes on the balcony.

But that doesn't have to be the case, because after all you can simply attach a privacy screen to the balcony and then enjoy your rest. The choice of options is huge. However, if you know in which direction you need a screen, the selection is a little easier. Here are some variants presented for different directions.

Privacy screen on one side

Option 1 - set up the screen:

A complete privacy screen around the entire balcony is not always necessary. You feel too narrow somehow too quickly. Sometimes a screen to one side is enough. For example, a screen installed is sufficient and offers the simplest solution.

Variant 2 - use plants as a privacy screen:

A very simple option is to plant tall growing plants in flower boxes, which you can then hang on the side of the balcony railing. The same goes for potted plants that you place on the ground.

Variant 3 - green trellis:

Alternatively, you can also green a trellis. This makes the privacy screen look particularly natural. You can also find individual plastic or wooden elements in specialist shops that you can use as a privacy screen. Some models can also be planted here.

For example, pipe winches are very suitable for planting. Our reading tips: Planting a pipe winch - Optimal privacy and colorful facade greening.

Option 4 - attach the awning to the side:

A more expensive solution is to attach an awning on the side, which can then be opened or opened like a fan. To do this, however, you have to drill holes in the facade of the house to ensure sufficient stability.


If you live for rent, you must always ask your landlord for permission before such actions.

Privacy screen facing the street

Option 5 - attach the tarpaulin to the railing:

If you want to keep your eyes off the road, i.e. from below, then you should choose a tarp that you have to attach all around to the balcony cladding and which extends to the floor. There are extra eyelets on the tarpaulin, through which you only have to pull a cord. With this you can attach the privacy screen to the railing of your balcony. The great thing: With this variant you also have good protection against wind.

Option 6 - attach a straw mat to the railing:

You can also use a low straw mat as a privacy screen if your balcony is facing the street. The mats can be cut to the desired length and easily attached to the railing with cords or cable ties.

Privacy screen upwards

Variant 7 - attaching the awning:

Sometimes you also want to prevent people from the balcony from looking over your own. So you need a shield at the top. The safest method is to attach an awning that you can extend as needed.


However, since you also have to drill the facade in this case, you must first obtain the approval of your landlord!

Variant 8 - Set up the parasol:

A cheaper and simpler variant is to set up a large parasol. You do not have to damage the facade and you can simply open it if necessary. At the same time, you also have good sun protection.