Flowering time of tulips - Then early, medium & late tulips bloom

Flowering time of tulips - Then early, medium & late tulips bloom

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Whether in red, yellow or orange - tulips simply look great in any color. We would like to introduce you to the flowering period and varieties of early, medium and late tulips.

Tulips just look beautiful

Over the centuries, countless varieties of tulips have been cultivated in Europe and Asia, and new varieties have also been bred, which is why we can now enjoy a colorful variety of well over a thousand varieties. So that you can enjoy the beauty of the tulips for a long time, you should always plant a combination of early, medium and late tulips in your garden. For example, early tulips are simple and double tulips, medium tulips are Darwin and triumph tulips, and late tulips are simple, double, fringed or lily-like tulips.

But when do the individual tulip varieties actually bloom, and which tulips belong to the early, medium and late varieties? We'll explain that in more detail below.

Overview of tulip varieties and their flowering periods

❀ Early tulips:

The simple, early tulips bloom by April 21 at the latest and grow to an average height of 25 to 30 centimeters, e.g. Beauty Queen, and Purple Prince.

Early, filled tulips with a stature height of up to 35 centimeters are also included in this group. The latter usually have very impressive, mostly even two-colored calyxes (e.g. Monsella, Calimero, Belicia and Freeman).

❀ Medium tulips:

A distinction is made between medium-sized tulips, which bloom mostly in the gardens - blooming from around April to the beginning of May - between the Darwin hybrid tulips and the 40 to 50 centimeters tall triumphal tulips. The extremely robust triumphal tulips represent a cross between early and late tulips. These include Calgary, Seville, Pako, Falcon and Lydia.

The extremely tall (up to 70 centimeters) Darwin tulips, however, correspond to an original cross between breeding and wild tulips. They are therefore usually offered in the flower colors red, yellow and orange, such as Apeldoorn and Garant.

❀ Late tulips:

The grouping of late blooming tulips (around May, sometimes blooming until early June) spoils us with most or the most diverse varieties. These include, among other things, the extremely imposing parrot tulips, numerous pointed lily-like tulips and the fringed tulips.

The late blooming tulips include Companion, Menton, Florette, Ballade, Hamilton, Red Hat, Groenland, Foxtrott and many, many more. But also the little ones like e.g. Juan, Corsage and Buddy are among them.