Sowing seeds - 4 easy ways presented

Sowing seeds - 4 easy ways presented

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It starts again every year. Then the seed bags are taken out and distributed in the garden. You can make your work easier. We show how.

seed tape

Sowing plants can sometimes be a tedious task. After all, we have to bend down or kneel down, work our way piece by piece and sometimes do a germ test beforehand. If you want to make it easier to sow seeds, you can also use practical seed belts, seed discs and the like, which ensure even seed spreading and always with the correct planting distance.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to the four sowing options called seed tape, seed disc, seed carpet and seed plate in more detail and also tell you how to use them correctly.

4 ways to sow seeds presented

➤ Option 1 - seed strips:

Seed tapes are primarily used for sowing vegetables and herbs, but also for flowers. The individual seeds are placed on the seed belt by the dealer so that they can grow at the correct distance from one another. The seed strips can also be cut to the desired lengths. This has the advantage that you only ever sow as much seed as you need plants afterwards.

Another advantage: there is a kind of protective film on the top of the seed tape so that, among other things, the birds cannot peck the seed from the ground. So you don't have to wonder why the seeds don't sprout. By the way, while the seed grows, the environmentally friendly seed paper rots to humus on its own.

➥ Application:

You just have to put the seed tape in the soil (if necessary, use a suitable seed furrow in the bed) and cover it with an even layer of soil depending on the variety. The sowing of carrots, cabbage, radish and the like is finished.

➤ Option 2 - seed carpets:

Seed carpets are mostly offered with flower, salad and vegetable seeds. You can also buy them in different sizes. However, you can easily cut the majority of the seed carpets that are already seeded to the dimensions prevailing in your garden.

➥ Application:

The handling of the seed carpets is the same as that of seed tapes, only that larger areas can be filled with them. You must also lay the seed carpets in a kind of furrow and then cover them evenly with fresh soil.

➤ Option 3 - seed discs:

seed disc

Round seed disks are preferred for sowing herbs in pots. However, you can also use the seed discs in outdoor beds, for example to create colorful flower arrangements in an absolutely geometric shape.

➥ Application:

Fill the pots with soil, put the seed disc in it and then cover it with soil. Then moisten the seeds regularly! Then put a glass pane over the pot in the first phase of growth, as a rule the germ material grows faster.

➤ Option 4 - seed plates:

A scaled-down form of seed carpets is offered under the article name “Seed Plates”, which can mostly be used in a compatible manner with the corresponding seed boxes, which can then be used to easily create a cold frame.

➥ Application:

Since seed plates are usually supplied cut to size for a seed box, you no longer have to cut anything here. Simply place the seed plate on the soil in the box, moisten it a little, cover it with soil and cover it with the seed box.