Buy orangery for the garden - you should keep these tips in mind

Buy orangery for the garden - you should keep these tips in mind

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Do you have a large garden? Perhaps also in the English style? Then an orangery is an absolute must for your garden. What that is and tips for buying it can be found here.

Wonderful for an English garden: the orangery

An orangery fits into any large garden and creates an absolutely attractive sight. Orangeries peaked around the 17th century, where they were preferably placed in palace gardens and parks. For several years now, however, modern orangery buildings have been found in numerous gardens. Not least because they are a great and above all free-standing alternative to conventional conservatories.

Orangeries can be used in two ways: in summer you can use them as comfortable seating and in winter all your exotic plants in the orangery can spend the winter frost-free without any problems. How exactly such an orangery looks like and what there is to consider when buying, we explain you in more detail below.

Appearance of an orangery

The gardener understands an orangery to be a glass house, which is still preferred today in the classic English style with lots of flourishes and decorations. Many also build such an orangery in a very modern and simple style, making it much more like a free-standing, but particularly elegant conservatory.

There are no limits to the choice of colors, because orangery constructions (mostly made of aluminum) are now available in all RAL colors, so they can be optimally adapted to their surroundings.

Tips for buying an orangery

➤ Tip 1 - size:

You can build an orangery of any size, but you should not fall below certain minimum dimensions. It should be at least 12 square meters in size to really design an orangery and not inadvertently an elegant “greenhouse”. Some manufacturers of orangery now even offer their customers a kind of modular system, which means that the basic structure of an orangery can be easily expanded over the years.

When planning, you should definitely take into account that the orangery is an absolute eye-catcher in the garden, which is why there should really be sufficient garden space around this garden building so as not to impair its effective placement.

➤ Tip 2 - thermal insulation / heating system:

If you would like to use your orangery for the wintering of plants, then you should also equip it with appropriate thermal insulation or a heating system so that you can keep the room completely frost-free.

A permanently integrated heating system in the orangery clearly has the advantage that you can use it to quickly provide cozy warmth in the room on cold evenings. Of course, this significantly increases everyday garden enjoyment!

➤ Tip 3 - equipment:

When equipping an orangery, a certain functionality should not be missing at all. Depending on the type of use and size of the planned orangery:

  • integrated windows
  • sliding doors
  • shading elements
  • etc.

particularly important. So think about how you want to use your orangery beforehand. This then reveals which additional elements you still need.

➤ Tip 4 - Swimming / whirlpool in the orangery:

If you would like to embed a swimming pool or whirlpool in your orangery, it is best to contact a specialist. For this, extra pipes and much more have to be laid and this is not for a layperson.

If everything is installed and set up, then you should equip the building with palm trees and protruding door openings. So there is certainly nothing standing in the way of a so-called “pleasure garden model”.