Harvesting peppers - timing and tips for harvesting presented

Harvesting peppers - timing and tips for harvesting presented

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They are available in green, yellow, red and even purple: the peppers. For everyone who grows them themselves, here is an explanation of how peppers are harvested correctly.

Only harvest peppers ripe

Whether in a salad, filled, steamed or grilled - peppers simply taste great, and of course the best from your own garden. It doesn't even have to come from the classic garden. Finally, you can also grow peppers and other vegetables on the balcony. With the right care and fertilization of the peppers, you will also get a lot of fruit here.

No matter where you grow peppers and which types of peppers you have chosen - the harvest time is usually always the same. When exactly you can harvest your peppers and how you should best do it, we will explain in more detail below.

When does the peppers start to harvest?

The pepper is a plant where you can benefit from a very long harvest time. You can already harvest the fruits if they are green in color. Then, however, they are not yet fully mature and therefore taste a bit bitter. So the sweet aroma develops later. It usually takes around three weeks for the green to change to the final color and for the ripening to be completed. The ripe fruits are usually yellow, orange or red. However, there are also peppers with a purple color.

Harvesting usually begins in August and continues until October. If you cover the plants a bit in the colder nights in autumn, you can harvest fruit even after the first frosts. This means that the harvest time can be extended by a further three to four weeks.

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Tips for harvesting peppers

➤ Tip 1 - Only harvest fully ripe fruit:

You should only harvest peppers when fully ripened, because only then will these vegetables have their maximum taste. So if there are only small green spots on the pods, you should wait a day or two before harvesting.

➤ Tip 2 - harvest peppers in the morning:

Peppers have the most nutrients in the morning. If possible, it is best to harvest the pods in the early morning.

➤ Tip 3 - use a sharp harvesting tool:

Always use sharp tools to separate the fruits. The stems of the pepper plant are so robust that you cannot simply tear the fruit off by hand. In addition, the stem should always remain on the fruit during harvest. It is therefore best to use scissors or a finishing knife to harvest.