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Perfect light for the garden party - 5 lighting tips

Perfect light for the garden party - 5 lighting tips

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Only candles are too boring for you and you are still looking for the right lighting for your garden party? With these 5 tips you not only make the garden shine, but also the eyes of your guests.

In a survey, 71 percent indicated that they liked to go to a garden party and also like to furnish one themselves. If I had been asked, I would have lifted my finger too. Barbecuing, drinking maybows, sitting with friends and all in the open air, I can hardly imagine anything better.

Even if spontaneous parties are not always the worst, a perfect garden party must be well organized. Who takes care of the food, which drinks have to be brought in, are there enough seating and, above all, which lamps or lights are suitable for the garden so that the party does not sit in the dark at some point?

Basic thoughts on lighting design

Basically, one can assume that the lighting for a garden party should be rather indirect. That means bright light is not necessary. Instead, the homey, holiday-like light character is desired. A warm beam of light that makes it possible to recognize everyone present without destroying the Mediterranean touch. However, no general answer can be given here, because the right light naturally depends on your local conditions. This also applies to your paths and any pond lighting.

Safety first!
Of course, safety comes first at these points. On this page you will find more about outdoor lighting. For example, tips on how to put your facade in the right light or the entrance to the house to energizethat the keyhole is easily found even in the middle of the night.
When it comes to lighting for the garden party, there are certainly other priorities, but the safety aspect should not be neglected.

1. Torches for the garden party - not entirely harmless

Torches are the best lighting for those who love open fires and love Indian romance. Depending on the material, they glow for about one to two hours. Even if you are outdoors, you should think about whether torches are the right thing for your garden party before purchasing.

  • How can the torch be fixed in the ground?
  • Is the distance to people large enough (harmless)?
  • Are children present at the party?
  • Is there extinguishing material in an emergency?

The joy of torches should not be diminished here, but safety comes first. Torches for the garden are available in different designs, such as wood, wax or the variant filled with oil.

2. Lanterns for the garden - warm light behind glass

Lanterns are part of every garden party for me and there is a reason for that. On the one hand, I love the rustic character of the individual models, on the other hand, they are not as sensitive to the weather. If it starts to rain, the lantern need not be brought to safety immediately. Thanks to the all-round protection provided by glass walls, the candle inside continues to burn even with a few raindrops. The same applies if it gets a little windier. You don't have to be afraid that nearby objects will catch fire immediately. The lantern cannot withstand constant rain or strong wind!

3. The classics - fairy lights and lanterns

When it comes to creating a party atmosphere, fairy lights and lanterns are the perfect garden lighting par excellence. Unlike at Christmas time, when most households prefer warm frosted glass light, it can be a bit more colorful in the garden.

➤ LED light tube

➤ Extra tip
Advantages of LED lamps
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The most space-saving variant is an LED light tube. You can easily illuminate 10 meters and more with little effort. Light tubes can be laid loosely over trees, hanging on garden fences or attached to the device house. These all-rounders are now also available with RGB color changers and including remote control.

➤ Garland of lights with finca charm

A string of lights with the lamps in the shape of a light bulb is my personal favorite. In the southern area, this type of lighting can be found on almost every restaurant terrace. In order for the colorful summer chain of lights to be the eye-catcher in your garden, there must be a power connection. In addition, the garden lighting must not disturb the neighbors, you should think about this in advance.

➤ Chinese lanterns - the summer lightness

It is a feast for the eyes when hundreds of little tots walk through the streets with their lanterns every year for St. Martin's Day. To set lighting accents at your garden party, your guests don't have to travel with a lantern in hand, although that would also be a nice idea. Lampion chains with internal candle holders are not so suitable for a garden party. The risk that the paper body will ignite is far too great. LED lanterns or the variant with solar are better. The latter is of course perfect for anyone who has no or insufficient electricity in the garden.

Light tube with color change
" to offerGarland of lights colorful

" to offerLampion chain LED

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4. Homemade candles - garden party with a personal touch

Are you more the type who values ​​a personal touch at the garden party? Then be creative and create your own lighting. All you have to do is melt a few candles or wax residues and then pour the wick into a suitable container, such as small glasses (make sure it is fire-resistant). Shape a handle with craft wire and attach it to the glass - done! If you hang your Do it your Self candles in nearby trees, please make sure that leaves and branches cannot ignite.

5. Light bags - Trendy & space-saving tealight holders

We have now clarified how you can illuminate your garden party from above, from the side or from below. But what about mood lights on the table? The latest trend is light bags. These are placed on the table like a lantern and then the tealight comes in. The slightly transparent material gives off a wonderful light effect. When buying, however, make sure that it is flame-retardant paper. The advantage of light bags is that they are very space-saving and can also be used several times.

Among the lighting options for the garden party presented here, there should be something for every taste. If you have a much better idea, we would be very happy to receive a comment.