Build a garden bench from a tree trunk - step by step instructions

Build a garden bench from a tree trunk - step by step instructions

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Rustic, but still elegant: a garden bench built from a tree trunk has something very special. Our instructions show you how to build them yourself.

Rustic, yet elegant: the tree trunk garden bench

Just let your mind wander and enjoy nature - what better way than on a comfortable bench? Here you can rest, read a book and sometimes put your feet up. However, this is really only possible on a comfortable and, above all, large garden bench. And that is exactly the problem. Most commercial garden benches are simply not big enough and their designers usually pay more attention to a chic appearance than whether the bench is really comfortable. Sometimes, however, there is simply not the right thing for your own garden.

For all those who like it rustic, we have the solution here: just build a bench out of a log yourself. Garden furniture made of wood belongs to the garden furniture trends every year and building such a rustic bench is not even as difficult as you might think. Another advantage: You only need a few materials for this.

You need:

➥ 1 tree trunk (30 cm diameter & 200 cm length)
➥ 1 wooden board (30 cm high & 140 cm long)
Runde 2 round posts (length depending on the desired height of the backrest)
➥ 12 screws (15 cm length)

Instructions for building a garden bench from a tree trunk

Step 1 - cut feet:

First of all you have to cut the feet for your garden bench. To do this, lay the tree trunk down so that it cannot roll away and cut two 30 cm thick slices from the trunk.

But be careful:

Always wear protective clothing! These include:

  • cut-resistant pants
  • safety shoes
  • Protective gloves
  • safety goggles
  • Helmet with hearing protection

Always keep in mind the safety regulations that apply when working with a chainsaw.

Step 2 - cut the seat:

Now it is time to build the seat. To do this, you have to halve the length of the tree. Before doing so, draw a mark for sawing on one end and then on the long sides.

Now make a vertical cut to the middle of the tree trunk. Then turn the trunk 180 degrees and make the cut from the other side to the middle.

Step 3 - mount the feet on the seat:

Now you have to work the feet so that the seat can hold them later without any problems. Now take the wooden slices and lay them down so that they lie on the bark. Then you need to make a V-shaped cut on each of the feet. These cuts must be so deep and wide on both feet that the seat lies perfectly.

If the cuts are perfect, simply lay the halved tree trunk on, align and fix it with two screws on each foot.

Step 4 - attach backrest:

Now take the two posts in hand, align them vertically and in the middle of the feet and fix each post with a screw on the foot and a screw on the seat.

Now you have to align the wooden board for the backrest correctly and fasten it to the post with two screws on each side.

Step 5 - sand the seat & backrest:

So that you don't catch any splinters later, it is best to sand the seat and backrest with some sandpaper. Finished!

Tip: paint the garden bench

Such a garden bench has something very special. Not only because it is self-made, but because it has a very special look. However, if you want to have something from your garden bench for as long as possible, then it is best to paint it. This means that external influences, such as the weather, cannot harm it at all.

Supplement for “tree muffle”
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