Wedding gifts for the garden - 5 ideas presented

Wedding gifts for the garden - 5 ideas presented

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Choosing a suitable wedding gift is often difficult. These 5 gift ideas inspire newlyweds with a garden!

The time until the wedding is exciting and exciting not only for the newlyweds. An often nerve-wracking time also begins for the guests. Of course, you first want to help the bride and groom as far as possible. Then comes the difficult search for an original gift. There are some classic gifts, but who doesn't want to create a lot of memories with their gift?

Giving away is now becoming increasingly difficult. The bride and groom have often been living together for several years, enjoying vacations together and increasingly expanding family happiness. Things like holiday cash register, porcelain dishes and baby clothes are no longer necessary. If your bridal couple has already expanded at home and has a garden, you can perhaps provide one or the other unusual gift for lasting memories of the most beautiful day in life.

5 original gift ideas for garden owners

➢ Tip 1: Plant the tree of life

A well-known tradition says that a man should build a house, father a child and plant a tree. This custom, in which a seedling is planted in the ground, is often carried out directly at the wedding. The tree should thrive until old age, just like marriage.

Present your bride and groom exactly this sign on the day of the wedding. You can buy the couple's favorite tree or pay attention to the meaning. In addition to giving, you also send a small special message to the bride and groom.

➤ The trees of life with a special message include:

tree of lifeSymbolic meaning
apple treeSymbol of love and marriage
Flowers stand for fertility and beauty
Oakstands for loyalty
GingkoSymbol of long happy life
KirschbaumSymbol of happiness and purity
Flowers stand for beauty and joie de vivre
pineSymbol of longevity and strength
laurel treeSymbol of immortality because it blooms all year round

With fruit trees, you can not only give away a secret message, but also the annual delicious fruits that the newlyweds can enjoy together.

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➢ Tip 2: Give away the love nest

A garden is not just there to work. Just as many cozy hours for two can be experienced here. A fabric pavilion is a special love nest for the roasting couple. Comfortably furnished with a couch or sun lounger, relaxing moments can be created here in summer. But this pavilion also offers sufficient protection as a shelter at garden parties.

Such cloth pavilions are not necessarily cheap. Between 100 and 300 euros, you have to leaf through here for a high-quality pavilion. For this reason, such a love nest is more suitable for parents to give away. Of course, you can also join together with several friends and present your bride and groom with a different kind of gift.

"Here you get the pavilion in luxury design

➢ Tip 3: Lantern with individual engraving

A place for cozy hours has already been found. However, pure romance only arises when there is an idyllic sparkle on one or the other corner. Lanterns not only create the unique idyll, they also always look extremely decorative.

Have a lantern personalized with an individual engraving and give the bridal couple unforgettable moments at their own wedding. You can have the couple's two names, the wedding date or various symbols such as rings, pigeons, newlyweds and hearts engraved on the lantern. The bride and groom will certainly be happy and will think of you and the wonderful wedding with every romantic candlelight.

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➢ Tip 4: Bird house for the front yard

A bird feeder is not only practical, it can also make a lot of things. If you are a bit skilled in terms of craftsmanship, you can even build such an aviary yourself and design it artistically. Homemade gifts are always well received and signal to the gift that you have invested a lot of love and time.

Then simply paint the birdhouse in the style of the garden. To personalize the house, you could perhaps write down the street and house number on it or "family xyz lives here". The wedding date and the names of the future couple are also popular. As a little extra, instead of bird feed you can hang coins in small bags on the house.

»Instructions: build a bird house

➢ Tip 5: Hollywood swing to relax

The preparations for the wedding were pure stress. Even the wedding day does not leave the newlyweds without a trace. After the wedding it's time to relax. Offer the bride and groom the most suitable place for it. The Hollywood swing is extremely practical and a real eye-catcher in the garden. From now on, the spouses can escape the stressful everyday life and take a break together.

The Hollywood swings from the hardware store are usually extremely overpriced. With a little bit of craftsmanship and the right material, you can also build a romantic Hollywood swing yourself. The future bride and groom are guaranteed to be happy about it and will always remember the most beautiful day in life.

»To the clip: Build a swing yourself