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Splendid bell: cultivation and care of the enchanting flower bush

Splendid bell: cultivation and care of the enchanting flower bush

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Would you like a little tree in the garden that still has striking colors even in autumn? Then plant the splendid bell! Here is all the information.

Beautiful: the splendid bell

If you place a delicately blooming splendid bell in your garden, you will enjoy it all season, because splendid bells enchant your viewers into the fall with their sometimes magical sight. The magnificent bells, which are actually native to Asia, are among the evergreen shrubs and have an average height of 2 to 3 meters. Nevertheless, the splendid bell can be kept as a potted plant.

Cultivation of the magnificent bell

The extremely slow-growing bells like a location that is protected from the wind. You should always place the plants in a special rhododendron soil (including bog, lime-free) for growth (even if they are moved). Beautiful bells love, among other things, the shelter under a pine tree. If you can offer the plant this location, then you should make sure that the splendid bell also receives enough daylight there.

For planting, it is advisable to buy a shrub that has been in the garden for several years, as the splendid bell only blooms from the age of 4. Of course, you can also grow the plant yourself by sowing seeds (from January at room temperature).

Caring for the bells properly

➤ Cut back:

Already from May until June we are delighted by the delicate, salmon-colored bell flowers (grape-like) of the splendid bell shrub. Immediately after flowering, however, you should cut back the splendid bell or thin it out if necessary.

➤ Fertilize:

The care of the bells is comparable to the care of the rhododendron, which is why you should also use a rhododendron fertilizer.

➤ Pour:

You must always keep the splendid bell moist, but not wet, otherwise there is a risk of decay in the root area. As soon as the uppermost layer of earth has dried, you should only water again.

➤ Winter protection:

Beautiful bells used outdoors should be well protected in extreme frost temperatures. For this purpose, the trunk is piled with earth or leaves, but also the covering of the shrub with jute. This in turn has another effect: the rotted leaves also give the plant sufficient nutrients.