Video: hardy banana - briefly introduced

Video: hardy banana - briefly introduced

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Most people only know bananas from the supermarket or from a holiday in the south. A new breed enables us to move into our gardens.

Look forward to a banana harvest in your own garden! In contrast to the banana plants that only grow in warm, tropical countries, this new banana variety, available from, is absolutely hardy to around -10 ° C!

This allows you to leave this rarity in your garden in winter - there, like perennials, it shoots up to a height of 2-3.5 meters year after year.

A very decorative eye-catcher in your garden bed & in the planter!

We ourselves have not yet planted these banana plants (it is “Musa basjoo”). But we would be interested in how good the bananas taste. So if you could already taste it, please leave a comment below the article.