Equip garden tool shed - this way you ensure space and order

Equip garden tool shed - this way you ensure space and order

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Order is half the battle! This also applies to the garden tool shed. This may seem difficult due to the many tools, but we will show you how it works.

A garden shed is very practical

Today, no gardener can do without a certain number of garden tools. Accordingly, there must also be enough space to store them. Unfortunately, not every garage is suitable for this, because the winter tires, bicycles, etc. are usually also here ... We can therefore warmly recommend a so-called garden tool house.

Such a garden shed is usually a smaller version of a garden shed in which only garden sheds can really be stowed. There's even a smaller version called a garden cabinet, but you can't really store a lot here. For those interested: the Comprano buying advisor will present a wide range of models and price ranges in more detail.

If you now own such a garden tool shed, then it is important to equip it efficiently so that as much as possible can fit in there. And of course there has to be order. There is probably nothing more annoying than when you have to clear almost the entire house to get your garden tools. That is why order is the be-all and end-all in a garden shed. We will now show you how to use the space in the garden tool shed efficiently and also keep it tidy.

How to create space & order in the garden shed

➤ Order bar:

In order to store all garden tools with handles such as rakes, hoes, rakes and Co. in a space-saving manner, you should attach an order bar with clips and hooks (here the best-seller No. 1 on Amazon) to your garden shed. Rakes and Co. can be easily clamped in here, so that they no longer take up unnecessary space in the corner of your garden shed. And thanks to the hooks, pruning shears and other smaller garden tools can also be attached to it.


You can even attach an order bar or hook to the door of your tool shed. So make effective use of every free space.

➤ Tool wall:

Depending on whether you are a craftsman or not, you can also store all of your construction tools (screwdriver, hammer, etc.) in the garden shed. The best way to do this is to build a tool wall yourself and then screw it to the wall.

Here is a short building instruction for a tool wall:

Take a 1 centimeter thick chipboard, lay it on the floor and then put all your tools on it as you want it to hang on the wall later. Then mark where nails and screws have to go as holders. Fix these nails and screws somewhat obliquely to the chipboard so that the tool does not fall down later. Then paint the tool wall if necessary, then mount it on the wall in the garden shed and equip it with the tool.

➤ Shelves:

As in a workshop, no shelves should be missing in a tool shed. Flower pots, gardening gloves, fertilizer, seeds and much more can find their place here.


If you want to winter some flowers on these shelves in winter, then you should make sure that the shelves are stable enough and therefore resilient. After all, flower pots with soil weigh a lot.

➤ Bicycle rack:

If you also want to store your bikes in the tool shed, then you should do it in a clever way and not just put them in the house. The best thing to do is to mount a simple bike holder on the wall (such as is available here) and hang your bikes on the wall. That way they don't stand in the way, cannot fall over and don't take up unnecessary space.


If you attach the bracket high enough, you can even stow your lawn mower underneath.

➤ Storage box:

It is well known that garden upholstery cannot remain outdoors in the cold season. So you have to spend the winter somewhere over the cold season. Either in the attic, in the garage or in the garden shed. However, you should not just put the garden upholstery here, otherwise they may start to falter or become moldy.

It is much better and more practical to store the garden cushions in a storage box, because here they can be tidily stowed away at any time. This is particularly useful in summer when the upholstery should not be left out at night or in the rain.

➤ Folding table:

If there is still enough space, you may even want to install a folding wall table in the tool shed. So you can quickly repot your flowers, sow vegetables in seed trays, etc. Then simply loosen the holder and the table top hangs down on the wall to save space.

If there is no more space for mounting on the wall, you can still use a simple folding table in the garden shed. Since it can be folded up, it is usually quite small and usually also light, which is why it can be easily hung on wall hooks. If you need it, then you just have to take it off the wall, open it and you can beautifully e.g. Repot your plants.