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Purple poplar: cultivation and maintenance of dark red poplar

Purple poplar: cultivation and maintenance of dark red poplar

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A poplar with dark red foliage - that's really an eye-catcher in the garden. Find out everything about growing and caring for the purple poplar here.

Poplar with dark red foliage

The purple poplar can be planted in any garden and can also be used in a variety of ways, because not only does it impress as a specimen tree with a glossy deep red foliage, but also as a dense, high-growing hedge plant. The purple poplar can grow up to 10 meters high and still be cut well in shape. You can find out exactly how it is with the cultivation and care of the poplar here.

Cultivation of the purple poplar

➤ Location:

The purple poplar makes hardly any demands on the soil and thrives quite well even in poorly nutritious soil conditions. However, during the first few years you should supply the poplar with compost or fertilizer at least once a year. When choosing a location, you should also take into account that this poplar variety prefers a sunny spot.

➤ Plant distance:

You must also note that when planting hedges, you must keep a distance of at least three meters between the individual poplars, as they can have a growth width of up to 4 meters. At this distance, good branching of the individual purple plants can then be achieved without any problems.

➤ Planting:

You should plant this poplar either in spring (after the ice saints) or in late summer or early autumn. Depending on the size of the selected poplar, you should then dig a root hole in your garden that is roughly twice the size of the associated root ball. Then place the poplar in this root hole, supply it well with water and then fill the planting hole again with soil. Then step firmly and water again.

Care of the purple poplar

➤ Cut back or shape cut:

Purple poplars, also known as purple tower in specialist circles, require little maintenance during the season, which is mainly based on a pruning or topiary, as they are fast growing plants.

➤ Pour:

On top of that, this poplar has to be watered abundantly immediately during longer periods of drought or when the heat is extremely high, which is ideal for the morning and / or evening hours, because poplars generally always need a lot of moisture in order to thrive optimally.

➤ Fertilize:

From the age of 4, an additional fertilizer supply is only necessary if necessary. It is advisable to administer a full or NPK fertilizer, e.g. Blue corn.