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Pearl basket: location, cultivation and maintenance of the perennial

Pearl basket: location, cultivation and maintenance of the perennial

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Are you looking for a permanent bloomer for your perennial border? We can recommend the pearl basket. Here everything about location, cultivation and care of the plant.

Very well-known type of pearl basket: the silver immortelle

The pearl basket, which looks very similar to the asters because it also comes from this family, is one of the perennial bloomers in the perennial border, because it starts to display its white flowers in June and displays them well into autumn. We have known two types of pearl basket:

  • Silver Immortelle / Silver Rain: A daisy-like pearl basket that was even considered a medicinal plant in its original home.
  • Perlpfötchen: The smaller version of the pearl basket grows to a height of around 30 centimeters and is sold far more often in garden centers.

From the middle / end of September, the flower panicles of the pearl basket dry almost directly on the stem, so that you can then tie them into wonderful dry bouquets.

Location selection & cultivation

The pearl basket, which grows between 40 and 70 centimeters high and is often referred to as summer snow, loves a sunny location with well-drained, poorly nutrient-rich soil, although the plant survives occasional dry periods. Therefore, you can even plant them in a rock garden without any problems. Beaded baskets are also suitable for planting pots, graves or graves, and for bordering garden beds.

➥ Tip:

Pearl baskets are well tolerated plants, which is why you can keep this flower in the vicinity of almost all perennials. For example, it looks particularly beautiful a contrasting plant next to the late flowering stonecrop or fragrant lavender.

You can grow the perennial pearl basket either by sowing your own seeds, or you can buy small perennials from specialist retailers. As soon as the pearl baskets feel at home in one location, they then reproduce as if by themselves.

Caring for pearl baskets properly

➤ Pour:

You should only water the pearl basket, which is absolutely easy to care for, during longer dry periods, because it clearly prefers the dry location. When watering, you also have to make sure that there is no waterlogging around the plant.

➤ Fertilize:

Fertilization of the hardy plant is usually not necessary. However, after flowering (from around September / October), the pearl basket also tolerates a substantial amount of compost.

➤ Cut back:

In early spring (February / March) you should cut back the pearl basket generously, as this encourages a new sprouting or is only possible.

➤ Multiplication:

As already mentioned, the pearl basket actually multiplies by itself. However, you can also use the plant again at a different location by dividing the rhizomes in early spring.