Thermal composter: Overview of the advantages of quick composter

Thermal composter: Overview of the advantages of quick composter

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A compost heap is all well and good if it just wouldn't stink. Thermal composters don't. They offer more advantages anyway. These in detail here.

Thermal composters offer many advantages

An increasing number of high-quality thermal composters are found in the gardens, which guarantee far faster composting of organic garden and kitchen waste and at the same time can largely keep annoying insects at bay. But that's not the only reason why modern thermal composters are so popular. They offer many more advantages. This one in detail.

Overview of advantages of thermal composter

Advantage 1 - faster composting:

Thermal composters compost most of the green waste after just one season (sometimes even within just six months) due to the development of heat in the interior, while using a conventional composter usually takes twice to three times as long.

Advantage 2 - no unpleasant smell:

When composting with a thermal composter, not only are insects kept at bay, but at the same time, unpleasant smells around the composting site are significantly minimized, or in some models they even no longer occur.

Advantage 3 - available in different designs:

The modern plastic housing of a thermal composter is available in different sizes and can therefore be easily matched to the prevailing local needs or expected compost quantities.

»Overview of popular composters

On top of that, thermal composters are also available in different colors, like often in green, but also in anthracite, black and brown. In some cases, they are even provided with chic wood paneling or made from resistant thermo wood. In this way, they no longer have to live in the shade, but can be placed almost anywhere in the garden as a garden accessory.

Advantage 4 - No additions necessary to accelerate the rotting:

When using a thermal composter, you can largely do without aids that accelerate the maturation process of green waste to humus, or you should only add it to a very small extent (e.g. lime). In this way, the purchase costs are amortized after a very short period of use.

Advantage 5 - permanent location:

Thermal composters also ensure a permanent location, i.e. the compost no longer has to be converted when using such a device (reading tip: convert compost - this is how it's done). And another advantage is described in that even the finished humus in a thermal composter can be removed from the lower container area much more easily.

Advantage 6 - effective air circulation:

Extremely important for a thermal composter is its integrated air circulation, which is ensured by numerous ventilation devices in the plastic housing. And the associated lid must always be closed again immediately after filling in green waste.

The air circulation prevents mold growth during the decomposition of green waste. At the same time, hardly any moisture forms in the interior of the composter, which ultimately leads to a simplified removal of the humus soil.