Garden cushion storage: 3 options that protect against dirt and mold

Garden cushion storage: 3 options that protect against dirt and mold

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Rain and the change in temperature between day and night quickly cause damp covers of garden furniture. Mold is often the result. How to protect your garden upholstery.


When it is finally so warm outside that you can enjoy the time in the garden, it is time to take out garden furniture and enjoy the good time. But then the fright! The garden furniture cushions have mold stains (here are tips for the correct storage of garden furniture)! The mood is already clouded again.

Or case number two occurs: You sit comfortably in the garden with friends and suddenly it starts to rain. Where to quickly with the garden cushions? If it rains longer, they cannot just stay in the hallway. So there has to be an all-round solution for storing garden cushions. We would like to introduce you to various options in this regard.

Store garden cushions correctly - 3 options presented

Option 1 - protective cover:


With this option, you kill two birds with one stone: cover your garden furniture and cushions with suitable protective covers, so you not only protect the upholstery from dirt and rain, but also the furniture itself. Protective covers can also be used to extend the Contribute to the lifespan of garden furniture as they reduce the effects of the weather. These protective covers are available for each chair and table individually as well as for entire seating groups. Corresponding garden furniture covers can be found very cheaply on Amazon, for example.

However, when using such a cover it is important that you ensure adequate ventilation. Therefore, you should only place the cover loosely on the garden furniture and remove it when the sun is shining.

Option 2 - storage box:

storage box

So-called storage boxes are much better than protective covers. These are available in a wide variety of materials and also in a wide variety of designs. Whether plastic, metal, wood or poly rattan - there is something for every garden style. And the great thing about it: If it suddenly starts to rain, you can quickly stow the garden cushions in the box.

But be careful: you should know beforehand where to put the storage box. Boxes made of plastic or wood are rather something for covered parking spaces, because sun, rain and the like can be very stressful for the material.

Aluminum boxes are more suitable for use directly in the garden. For example, we can recommend the models that we found in the aluminum box shop. Why? Because these boxes are light, stable, temperature-resistant, robust and rustproof. Simply perfect for direct use or location in the garden.

Option 3 - protective bag:

Case Carrying Case

Do you have a garden shed and would you like to store your garden cushions in there, then you should either put them in a storage box or in a protective carrying case. This water-repellent cover protects your upholstery from dirt and moisture, which means that it also remains perfectly clean and well-kept. Such bags are also stable and weatherproof. On top of that, they are also cheap. Just have a look at the Amazon online shop. Such a bag costs under 20 euros here.

With such bags you kill two birds with one stone: on the one hand you can leave the bag in the garden in the summer and on the other hand you also have a great storage bag for the winter, because then you should put these together with garden cushions in the garden shed or in the attic.