Lighting the garden pond - This is how you can skillfully stage your pond

Lighting the garden pond - This is how you can skillfully stage your pond

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Boring and dreary - this is how a garden pond looks without lighting in the evening. With effective light accents you can create a breathtaking oasis of wellbeing. We show you different options.

What could be nicer than sitting on the terrace on a mild summer evening, enjoying the peace and looking at what has been done so far? A nice thought isn't it? A garden is not just work, it should also be used to relax and recharge your batteries. Especially the area around the garden pond invites you to dream and relax.

When the sun sets slowly towards evening, the whole magic often dissolves into thin air. Everything is dark and the magic is blown away. But especially in the evening it is the time when we can enjoy paradise completely relaxed. With the right lighting, you can enjoy your garden pond late into the night and also set atmospheric accents.

Set atmospheric accents - 4 options presented

Targeted luminaires create a romantic flair on the garden pond at home. You can end the day comfortably here, especially on mild summer evenings.

Set highlights

Have you invested a lot of time and effort in decorating the pond? Then draw attention to the best and most beautiful objects and plants on your garden pond.

It's easy with spotlights or floor lights. You get these as LED lights with warm white or cool white glow. Warm white light is always calm and cozy. Cold white light, on the other hand, is invigorating and factual. With the cool white light you definitely create an enormous contrast to the surroundings. Depending on which objects you want to illuminate, you can choose a mixture of both light sources.

"Solar powered spotlights"

These spotlights are charged with sun rays throughout the day and emitted them in the evening. This means that special stones and plant pots can be effectively brought to the fore. »Shop here

"Floor lamp with LED

This floor lamp is perfect for the targeted lighting of larger objects. The luminaires are available with warm white or cold white light. »Shop here

Floating lights

Some points of light on the pond can also create a wonderful feel-good atmosphere. Floating candles, for example, are suitable for this. These come in many different shapes and colors. There are hardly any limits to the selection here. Most floating candles have a burning time of around 5 hours. This guarantees a cozy evening on the terrace. As a nightly ritual, these floating candles can become too expensive in the long run. Then there is another alternative.

floating balls
Swimming balls are currently very trendy. These are equipped with LEDs and set visual highlights on your garden pond. Swimming balls are available with batteries that need to be charged approximately every 10 hours, but also those that work with solar. Battery-powered swimming balls have the advantage that they can often score with a changing play of colors. (Buying tip: Floatable LED ball light)

Set accents under water

➤ Important !!!

Only use lighting systems that are especially suitable for water.

Nowadays, the interior of the pond can also be effectively designed with modern lighting systems. In the trade you have a selection of different underwater spotlights, fountains that are illuminated from below and spots that highlight the inner edge of the pond.

Targeted, you create very attractive effects in your garden pond.

Illuminate the edge of the pond

Highlights in and on the water do not really come into their own if the pond edge is completely ignored. In addition, these lamps offer optimal path lighting at the edge. If you want to keep your electricity costs in check, you should use solar lamps here. Solar lamps charge themselves with sunlight throughout the day and then emit them in the dark. Apart from the acquisition costs, you do not have to expect any further costs.

Most solar lamps are equipped with LED lights that have a very long service life.

Torches can also highlight the area around the pond and at the same time create a cozy atmosphere.

You can of course also use pond lighting with electricity. When planning your pond, you should already consider laying the necessary pipes for the power cables in the ground. In retrospect, such work is rather difficult.

" My advice: If you choose one or more “electricity guzzlers”, you should take a closer look at your electricity contract. Sometimes it helps to compare prices without any obligation. It's easy with the tariff calculator on Here you have to enter a few details such as post code and annual electricity consumption and the cheapest providers are shown in a clear table.

Lights provide an atmospheric ambience. Still, you shouldn't overdo it. On the one hand so that your electricity bill does not skyrocket (reading tip: Saving electricity in the garden - 10 tips for reducing energy costs) and on the other hand because it simply looks overloaded. The real meaning and purpose of the effective lighting otherwise disappears very quickly.