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Garden furniture trends 2014 - an overview of what's new this season

Garden furniture trends 2014 - an overview of what's new this season

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When it comes to the 2014 garden furniture trends, the keyword is “live outside”. We show what is hot in 2014 and how you can get a living room feeling in the garden.

The trend: living room feeling in the garden

Spring is getting closer and with it the gardening season. But we don't mean gardening now. After all, a garden is not just there for planting, digging and harvesting, but also for relaxation. Outdoor living is therefore spreading more and more and increasingly conquering new rooms. The living room is simply moved outside!

This is not least because, according to an event by the Cologne trade fair spoga + gafa (, there is already 102.4 million square meters of green roof area. Unbelievable, is not it? It is therefore no wonder that many friends of the green go over to their garden high above the roofs of their own city.

An overview of the new products of the season

The garden furniture market has now adjusted to the trend of “living outside” and developed special garden furniture that transforms the garden, the balcony and the terrace into an outdoor living room. After all, what could be nicer than spending a sunny day outside and maybe even on a comfortable sofa? So you can't imagine anything better, can you?

We would now like to bring the trend furniture 2014 and what else is hot this year in the field of garden design a little closer so that you can also transform your green oasis into an outdoor living room with a feel-good factor. So do not miss the exciting trends of this year and do not wait until the summer. Design your cozy ambience outdoors now.

➤ Cushions, carpets and sideboards for outdoors are in

The outdoor living space is increasingly used for regeneration, which is why more and more typical interior furnishings such as cozy pillows, sideboards and shelves can be found on balconies and terraces.

While there were once decorative plants on terraces and balconies, they now adorn decorative lights, weatherproof carpets and outdoor accessories.

➤ Lush balcony plantings take a back seat

The lush planting of the balconies, on the other hand, takes a back seat in 2014. This year, the terrace is no longer filled with flowers, so that it is almost like a jungle.

No, the trend is rather lush plants with a magical bloom that give the outdoor living room the finishing touch. Large palm trees or plants with quite large flowers, for example, look particularly beautiful.

➤ Very chic in the garden too: chandeliers

As far as the lighting on the balcony and terrace is concerned, the trend this year is towards standing lights and chandeliers. Yes, you read perfectly correctly. Chandeliers can also find a place outdoors. Really very original, isn't it?

You would be amazed at how good and above all classy it looks if you also set up the right outdoor furniture. Clearly a trend that shows a lot of class and style.

A little hint:

Chandeliers fit particularly well in a French garden.

➤ Totally hip: Noble armchairs and Hollywood swings

Cheap folding chairs have long since had their day. Instead, elegant armchairs and sofas are supposed to transform the balconies and terraces into an open-air living room and provide comfort. The garden furniture should shine stylish, luxurious and modern in the light.

The trend is also towards floating chairs as well as Hollywood swings. The frequent furnishing of this garden furniture with walls or roofs conveys a protective and cozy cave character and makes the garden and terrace a true oasis of wellbeing.

➤ Grilling and more

Grilling has been a tradition for decades and is probably the most popular leisure activity for Germans in the summer months. But grilling alone is no longer enough for most people. Steaming, cooking and braising is the key word. With garden furniture such as fold-out attachments or hobs for the grill and refrigerators for the outside area, this living trend in the outside area of ​​the house can now be easily completed.

Portable devices as well as Spanish grill plates, which are known in Germany under the name Plancha, also belong to the trendy picture in 2014. In large online specialist stores, such as, you can take a closer look at the innovations in the area of ​​garden furniture and grills and receive detailed product descriptions of the individual items.

➤ Garden furniture made of teak is on the rise again

The boundaries between indoor and outdoor are disappearing, which can also be seen in the materials used. In terms of feel and appearance, the sofa and cushion covers will hardly differ from the interior fabrics.

If you want to adapt to the trend this year, teak wood as the material for garden furniture is just right for you. Here, the recyclable and natural version of the processing is just as popular as the combination of this wood with stainless steel. This attractive contrast conveys a noble flair, which enhances the cozy appearance of teak. Garden furniture made of wood is still in.

➤ Color trends 2014

In 2014 the trend will be pretty colorful on German balconies and terraces. Muted colors such as brown, white or beige will therefore be the focus, as well as bright colors and eye-catching patterns. Color combinations, such as stripes, are still in demand.

But it's not just the garden furniture that comes in bright colors in 2014. The garden accessories are also colorful.