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Make your own mosaic garden table - step by step instructions

Make your own mosaic garden table - step by step instructions

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If you like Greece, you will definitely love the mosaic technique. We therefore show you here how you can make a mosaic garden table yourself.

Get creative!

A picture, buildings or objects that are decorated with mosaic are really impressive, don't you think? It is simply beautiful to see how the many small, systematic stones create a harmonious picture. It is therefore no wonder that handmade mosaic products such as garden furniture are also quite expensive. After all, there is a lot of work and sensitivity here too. But look at e.g. Why not take a look at the garden furniture at There are such tables with a mosaic and they really look great, don't they?

If you like this style, but don't want to spend any money on it, you can stick objects like a garden table with mosaic yourself (more mosaic ideas here). So even the most unsightly table becomes a real showpiece again. For everyone who wants to try it out, here is a guide on how to make a mosaic garden table yourself.

You need:

  • a table
  • masking tape
  • tile glue
  • grouts
  • Tiles broken / mosaic tiles
  • water
  • trowel
  • notched trowel
  • squeegee
  • sponge
  • cotton cloth

Instructions for a mosaic garden table

➤ Step 1:

First of all, you should mask the frame of the table with masking tape to protect it from dirt.

➤ Step 2:

Prepare the tile adhesive and then apply it to the table top with a smoothing trowel. Then comb the mass with a notched trowel.

➤ Step 3:

If you want to have a special pattern, you should draw it on the table. Simply scratch into the tile adhesive with a pointed object. Of course, you can also lay the mosaic tiles as you wish.

➤ Step 4:

Now place the mosaic tiles on the table top from the outside in. You have to decide how big the distance between the tiles should be. However, it should not be less than two millimeters.

After laying the tiles, let everything dry well for about 5 hours.

➤ Step 5:

Now it is time to grout the gaps. To do this, you need to pick up the rubber wiper and grout and spread it on the table until all the joints are filled.

➤ Step 6:

The mass that is on the tiles should be wiped off with a little water and a sponge. Then clean the tiles again with a cotton cloth.

➤ Step 7:

Now let your table dry well. Then remove the masking tape from the edge of the table and your beautiful mosaic garden table is ready.

Video Tutorial

The rough work steps that you have to carry out are summarized here in this video. Although it is a serving tray, the instructions are the same. In this way you can of course also beautify other garden furniture.