Gundermann: Cultivation and use of the inconspicuous wild herb

Gundermann: Cultivation and use of the inconspicuous wild herb

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What could be nicer than herbs from your own garden? Did you also plant Gundermann wild herbs? We explain how this is done.

Gundermann: A very aromatic weed

The Gundermann wild herb, sometimes also called the Gundel vine, can be found on wild meadows and along the wayside. Since this is an aromatic wild herb, you can also grow it in the herb garden. The great thing about it: the wild herb conjures up a pretty, violet blossom in spring (April to June) and thus gives your wild herb garden even a little more color.

Cultivation of the Gundermann

Gundermann is also one of the labiate flowers, as are lavender and Co., which is why they are largely the same in cultivation and care. Although the Gundermann meanders along the ground (similar to ivy), which is why he is often referred to as earth ivy.

It is usually sufficient if you plant a wild Gundermann shoot (individual shoots can grow up to 1 meter long) in the most nutrient-rich soil in your garden. From then on, extreme caution is advised, because this herb spreads strongly in the first year and can quickly overgrow a bed. Every year you should therefore curb this growth in good time with a courageous cut.

Since it grows quite well, you can of course plant the Gundermann well as ground cover, e.g. for greening large areas, for which it is ideally suited as an easy-care, extremely robust flowering plant.

Use of the wild herb

The Gundermann wild herb has an appetizing and digestive effect, which is why it is often even counted among medicinal herbs. But it is also used very often in the kitchen. It is important that you only harvest the Gundermann for direct consumption. First of all, the fresh young leaves should be used. You can then: