Garden lighting without electricity - 4 clever ideas for your garden oasis

Garden lighting without electricity - 4 clever ideas for your garden oasis

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Electricity prices know only one trend: upwards. But do you want to do without lighting in the garden? No! Simply rely on garden lighting without electricity.

An atmospheric atmosphere can be created even without electricity

Saving, saving, saving - it's getting really annoying, isn't it? It's almost abnormal that we really have to be careful with every little thing, just so that the electricity bill doesn't explode. It is clear that the mood lighting in the garden must also suffer as a result. But honestly: what could be nicer than sitting in the garden in a blanket and enjoying the beautiful lighting in the evening? This is really pure relaxation!

Don't let these moments take you just because of the rising electricity prices. You just have to rethink and rely on garden lighting without electricity. This way you save a lot of money and do not have to do without a wonderful atmosphere.

Important: Illuminate trip hazards sufficiently

However, it is important that you always remember to adequately illuminate trip hazards in the garden. Be it stairs, higher heels or edges - here, of course, you should not save with the light. Otherwise the risk is too great that you can injure yourself, your family members or guests.

You really shouldn't take this risk and rather illuminate such places in the garden. Otherwise here are our 4 clever ideas on how you can illuminate your garden without electricity.

4 clever ideas for garden lighting without electricity

Idea No. 1 - solar lights:

Solar lights are probably the best choice for stylish lighting without electricity. They come in a wide variety of sizes and designs, so there should really be something here for every taste and garden style. From the normal models with floor spit (as you can find e.g. on to solar figures to solar garden furniture, everything your heart desires is here. And of course there are also models with color changing technology.

Depending on the quality of the batteries and the illuminants used, the burn time of such solar lamps is 5 to 20 hours! That's enough to enjoy the atmospheric atmosphere in the garden in the evenings.

Idea No. 2 - lanterns / kerosene lamps:

Of course, you can also set up lanterns with candles or petroleum lanterns in the garden. That also looks really nice. Great design and flickering light in one - what more could you want ?! With the candle lanterns, you can even decide for yourself whether you want to use real or battery-operated candles. The advantage: you can place lanterns somewhere else at any time. It is only important that they stand on a firm and secure surface so that you cannot tip over.

Alternatively, there are also petroleum lights, e.g. consist of a figure like a Buddha with a fire bowl in hand. However, it is also important here that you rely on a solid surface.

Idea No. 3 - Torches:

Let's stay by the fire and let's go to the torches. While we could often find bamboo models in the garden in the past, today they are of course available in a wide variety of designs and designs. The stainless steel models are particularly popular because they harmoniously combine chic design and the element of fire and thus ensure a fiery, opulent appearance outdoors.

As an alternative to the noble models, there are also simply large torches made of wax. They usually have a wooden handle and can therefore be easily stuck into the ground. You will surely now think that the flame goes out at the slightest breeze. But this is not the case. The torches are wind stable.

Idea No. 4 - lanterns:

Lanterns are also a great idea to conjure up soft and warm light in the garden. The great thing about it: you can easily do it yourself and adapt the design to the season. You only need:

  • glasses
  • napkins
  • napkins glue
  • various decorative elements for sticking
  • brush
  • Candle / Candle

➤ Step 1:

Pick a beautiful motif on a napkin and cut it out. Then remove the lower layers of the napkin so that only the layer with the motif remains.

➤ Step 2:

Now coat the glass with some napkin glue and put the napkin motif on. Then coat the motif with napkin glue. Always work from the inside out.

➤ Step 3:

Once the napkin glue has dried, you can now use a few decorative elements such as e.g. stick on with ribbons, rhinestones, etc. Just let your imagination run wild and adapt the design to the season.

In spring you could use the lanterns e.g. Cover with butterflies, in summer with mosaic stones, in winter with cinnamon sticks and in autumn with dried leaves (another idea with video instructions). Anything you like is allowed.

➤ Step 4:

Then you only have to put a candle in the lantern and your atmospheric lighting for the garden is ready.