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Garden party in winter - How to make your garden suitable for a party!

Garden party in winter - How to make your garden suitable for a party!

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In summer, parties and cozy sitting in the garden are simply part of it. But why not use the garden for such purposes even in winter? Here you can find out how to make your garden suitable for parties even in winter.

You can easily bake stick dough at the campfire. A feast for young and old

The gardening season is over in October / November at the latest. But even if the gardening year officially ends, it does not mean that a garden cannot be used until the following spring. On the contrary - in the winter months there is a special flair over the entire landscape.

In winter we stop by our garden regularly to check that everything is in order. Some even clear the branches of snow or give the birds a new ration of food. Special attention is also paid to the garden pond in winter and the access to the “green living room” or the garden hut is kept free. Why shouldn't it be possible to organize a "winter barbecue" or a birthday party in this idyll?

Preparations for the winter party

Warmth and light ensure a cozy voice

Anyone who eats a grilled sausage or drinks the mulled wine with cold feet at the Christmas market will not settle on a cold seat. Even in the garden, a "standing banquet" is not pleasant in the winter cold. Unless there are enough heat sources and places to stay in the heated interior of the gazebo.

Solar lamps in the outdoor area, burning torches at the pond or path, as well as LED lighting and spots on the terrace and on conifers, transform the outside of the garden into a festive terrain. Atmospheric accents can also be set with tea lights. Simply place the tea lights in empty glasses and place them in the garden. An existing power connection also allows for party or Christmas tree lighting in the garden.



Snuggle up in a warm woolen blanket. This creates a cozy atmosphere and protects you from the cold.

So that you don't get a nasty runny nose, you should put a few heating components outside. Electric radiant heaters create cozy warmth for outdoor and indoor use, for example. Of course, open fireplaces are also particularly attractive and cozy. Fire baskets and fire pillars are ideal for smaller gardens. Think of enough firewood already in summer.

The perfect food for cold days

The right food is part of an unforgettable winter party. While we pay attention to easily digestible food in summer, we can eat a little more fatty in winter. A delicious crusty roast with sauerkraut is a tasty alternative to turkey breast with pasta salad. A roast must of course be pre-cooked accordingly or you can allow a little more time on the grill for this. Even a simple bratwurst with a freshly baked roll can warm you up from the inside and tastes great even in winter.

Hot drinks for the inner warmth

Hot drinks should not be missing at an exuberant winter party. The traditional grill beer is replaced by mulled wine, tea or grog, since these drinks also heat up properly from the inside. Also very popular are Feuerzangenbowle (here my favorite recipe) and punch, which you can offer with or without alcohol. Don't forget the little kids. Always have a thermos full of tea or children's punch at hand.

Mulled wine warms from the inside and tastes heavenly winter with the right spices

Rooms for a cozy party in winter

Have you ever celebrated New Year's Eve outside in your own garden? With a correspondingly large garden house, the family or friends can start the new year well. The prerequisite is, of course, that an indoor fireplace or wood stove can be installed, that there are overnight accommodations and that there is a kitchen and sanitary facility. The leisure house "Nicole" from offers enough space to put such wishes and ideas into practice.

A large and insulated garden house is ideal as a base for winter parties (

A stay in a stable log house offers not only exclusivity, but also a certain cosiness that gives a party the right framework. Heating the prepared goulash soup, Soljanka or mulled wine on electric hotplates spreads a delightful fragrance. The right music creates the right mood. A spontaneous dance on the parquet also ensures a warm feeling of wellbeing.

Refitting and preparation for the garden winter party

If your garden is not directly at the house, but in a public lease, then there will be no running water from October to April. So if you want to throw a big party, you should transport enough water in canisters to the garden in advance.

If the garden shed is only used temporarily, the premises cool down quickly. Only deposit drinks for the celebration shortly beforehand and warm up the interior in good time.

If the pavilion or garden house is set up by autumn, then the garden party in winter can become a romantic highlight, even without snow: with candlelight, lanterns and culinary delights for young and old. Summer or winter - in the garden you can celebrate parties at any time and sit comfortably together. In winter, you only need a little more preparation.