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Rooting powder: application and precautions

Rooting powder: application and precautions

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You can use rooting powder to boost plant propagation. Read here how to use it correctly and what you need to consider.

Root powder significantly boosts plant propagation

Rooting powder is offered in numerous garden specialty stores, as the name suggests, in the form of powder. However, it is also available in the form of tablets, sometimes also called “rooting hormone”.

Before you use the rooting powder for the first time, you should carefully inform yourself about the handling (dosage) of individual products, because some products are e.g. only suitable for special plant varieties.

Apply rooting powder correctly

You can apply rooting powder in different ways. We would like to present three methods to you here.

1st method:

The addition of rooting powder can significantly increase root formation in many plants. Especially since root formation is particularly important for growing new plants (cuttings). For this purpose, the rooting powder is mostly mixed with the soil. How high the dosage must be depends on the respective product. If there is nothing on the package leaflet, 20 grams of powder per 5 liters of growing soil are generally a good mix ratio.

2nd method:

As an alternative to mixing, you can also sprinkle a little bit of rooting powder directly into the newly planted hole.

3rd method:

Some types of powder can even be dissolved in water and can then be used when repotting plants. You then simply have to water the respective plants after the reaction with the mixture.

Precautions when using rooting powder

➤ You absolutely must keep rooting powder away from children!
➤ The powder has no place in the house. If you use it, you should do it in the garden.
➤ Always wear gloves when working with rooting powder and avoid inhaling the powder.
➤ Furthermore, there must be no contact with the eyes. Therefore wash hands thoroughly after work.

Alternative to rooting powder: willow water

If you want to completely do without chemical additives in the garden, you can also use pure willow water instead of the rooting powder. For this purpose, you have to shred finger-thick willow branches (1 to 2 cm long cuts) and put them in a bucket with water. Then let the cuts soak in them for 24 hours before you can use the water to water cuttings.