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Christmas lights in the garden: tips & ideas for an atmospheric glow of lights

Christmas lights in the garden: tips & ideas for an atmospheric glow of lights

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When winter comes, there is nothing better than beautiful Christmas lights in the garden. Our creative ideas show what this can look like.

Lights create an atmospheric atmosphere

Homely lighting is particularly important in the dark season. In the advent season, garden lovers like to rely on atmospheric decorations in the Christmas glow. There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to choosing bright Christmas decorations. Whether colorful or colorless, flashing or calm - there are illuminated Christmas decorations to suit every taste and every garden design.

Simple fairy lights and hoses, stars, sticks, Christmas figures or whole pictures that impress with their colorful luminosity should not be missing in the festively decorated garden. You are spoiled for choice. Should it be a warm or cool white light or do bright colors like the typical Christmas red and green best fit into your garden concept? Colorful fairy lights and figures with different flashing functions are also available in a wide variety. After all, what you like is allowed.

Should the decoration only set lighting accents or illuminate the entire outdoor area?

Before you go ahead and stock up on the most beautiful Christmas lights, you should first clarify the question of whether the Christmas decoration should only set individual lighting accents or illuminate the entire outdoor area. If the festive lighting has to replace the outside lighting of garden paths, stairs and entrance areas during the advent season, it can be a little bit more. In this case, however, a light source with permanent white light and as strong a luminosity as possible is recommended.

With colored or even flashing lights, the light that the decoration throws can appear too diffuse to adequately illuminate all outside areas. However, if the string of lights, the glow stick or the illuminated star are only intended to set an optical accent, there are no limits to your imagination with regard to colors, shapes and lighting effects.

Important: Use only special outdoor lighting

There are many variations of Christmas light decorations, but not all of them are also intended for outdoor use. Since fairy lights and other illuminated decorations are operated electrically in most cases and rain, snow and ice often occur, especially in autumn and winter, you should only use illuminants for the exterior lighting, the processing of which is aimed at the outdoor area. Good insulation is particularly important so that moisture penetration cannot trigger a short circuit.

➤ Tip:

It makes sense that you connect the Christmas decoration outdoors with a timer that regulates the power supply of the individual light sources. Since it gets dark very early, especially in winter, it is advisable to set the time for the outdoor lighting from around 5:00 p.m. Your garden is lit up on the way home and leaves the winter blues with no chance. If you switch the Christmas decoration off again in the late evening hours using the timer, you can also keep the electricity costs (further energy-saving tips here) caused by the colorful sparkle as low as possible. Further helpful information on the subject of time switches can be found on this page.

➤ Another tip:

Christmas decorations with solar cells or batteries are also a practical alternative to the traditional chain of lights for the socket.

4 creative ideas for an atmospheric glow of lights

Idea No. 1 - fairy lights / light tubes:

A real classic for Christmas outdoor lighting are fairy lights and light tubes that frame windows or tendril along the balcony, the banister or the garden fence. In combination with garlands made of fir branches, colored glass balls, pine cones or bows, the lighting is particularly festive.

Christmas lights and hoses also conjure up festive lighting effects in bushes, shrubs and trees. And you can even skillfully stage bed borders with subtle lighting.

Idea No. 2 - glow sticks:

You can also stick light sticks in the ground, which then decorate fences, bushes and hedges. Which models you choose is up to you.

See particularly beautifully Glow sticks made with snowflakes and stars. Just take a look around in specialist shops. Here you will surely find some interesting models.

Idea No. 3 - luminous figures:

You can also attach decorative light figures to windows, on the roof or on the house wall. With colored lights and special lighting effects, every surface becomes a real eye-catcher.

But there are also special figures for setting up in the garden. The sleigh with reindeer is of course particularly popular.

Idea No. 4 - lanterns:

Lanterns with Christmas accessories are very suitable for garden paths and entrance areas. They donate a lot of light and can also illuminate raised areas such as the bell or the door lock.

If you don't want to put real candles in the lanterns, you can also use battery-operated candles. Here, too, there are models in which you can set the lighting duration.


Regardless of whether for lighting larger outdoor areas or as subtle lighting accents - an illuminated Christmas decoration simply always spreads festive mood and sells the dull winter blues. With the suitable illuminants for the outside area, your garden will also shine in a pre-Christmas glow.